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Get Started with Square Team Communication

Square Team Communication adds announcements, messaging and knowledge sharing tools to the Square Team App.

Set Up

Get started with Team Communication by subscribing in the Team Communication section of your online Square Dashboard.

Create a team member via Square Dashboard

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard and click Team > Create Team Member.

  2. Enter the team member’s name, email address and phone number. The team member ID is optional.

  3. Enter the team member’s primary job, pay type and pay details. 

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Choose Team Permissions or Create a new permission set.

  6. Click Save team member.

  7. The team member will receive an invitation email to create a Square account and download the Square Team App.

Learn more about the Square Team App for Employers.


Start conversations with employees, make announcements and send messages to your team.

Send a message

  1. Open the Square Team App and tap MessagesChats.

  2. Tap compose icon and tap New conversation.

  3. Enter the recipient’s name. Enter multiple names to send a group message.

  4. Compose your message then tap the send icon.

Search a conversation

  1. Open the Square Team App and tap Messages > Chats.

  2. Select an existing conversation.

  3. Tap the search icon.

  4. Type a word in the search bar. 

Note: The screen will automatically scroll to the first instance of the word. If there are multiple uses of the word, use the up or down arrows to view them.


Share announcements

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Team > Announcements > + Announcement.

  2. Select your target audience.

  3. Compose your message then tap the send icon.

Note: The ability to create and share announcements may change based on permissions. 

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