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Navigating the Square Retail Point of Sale App

With the Square Retail POS app, you can customize the layout of your catalog and optimize your workflow by organizing the items, actions and functions most useful to you during checkout. Now with more tools, you can personalize your POS to make checkout a more efficient experience, no matter the size of your catalog.


  • Personalization: Organize your items, discounts, saved carts and customer profiles in a way that works best for you and your business.

  • Scalability: Unlock more real estate to seamlessly organize your catalog of items into pages, categories and display groups.

  • Efficiency: Save time by having quick access to shortcuts you commonly use when processing an order, like quickly attaching a customer’s profile to the order, adding a discount, adjusting an item’s price or opening a saved cart.

  • Navigation Bar: Your primary navigation bar has been updated to include Team member logout, Checkout, Transactions and Inventory. Notifications will also be accessible, making it easier for you to access notifications and ensure you don’t miss any important updates from Square.

  • Applets: A new menu that you’ll access through the ≡ More tab. This is where you’ll access other Square tools, such as Items, Reports, Balance, Settings and Support.

  • Order with fulfillment: You can toggle between fulfillment types directly in the cart, easily choose shipment or pickup for the transaction and enter relevant fulfillment details to apply to the whole cart. You can also select to fulfil from another location where the item is in stock. 

  • Favourites: Discounts, Customers and Saved Carts will be your default tiles before you customize your layout. Note: Any favourites created in Square Point of Sale or Retail previously will transfer to the new Square Retail POS app.

  • All items: Categories will have a tile, and you can have as many tiles as you want. Tap a tile to view items within each category.

Get Started

Note: If you’re using Square Register, you’ll need to make sure the software is up-to-date prior to using the new features. Learn more about updating your Square Register.

Customize your pages and grid

  1. On an iPad, tap and hold any tile to switch to setup mode. 

  2. From there, you can move tiles to your preferred layout. On Square Register, tap and hold the whole editing sheet to move tiles. 

  3. Select Done to save your changes.

Edit pages

  1. Tap the page title to show the editing icon.

  2. Tap the editing icon next to the page name to edit the page. 

  3. From here, you can add new tiles for items, categories, groups or actions.

  4. To remove a page, tap Remove Page. This does not delete any items, categories or discounts from your account, only the page that organizes them.

  5. Tap Add a page to create a new page.

Add and edit tiles within pages

You can add and edit tiles for individual items, categories or actions by tapping the respective options when editing the page.

  • Item: Create a single-item tile. Add multiple item tiles at the same time by checking the boxes by the item name.

  • Category: Create a tile for a category that will show any items within that category when tapped. Add multiple category tiles at the same time by checking the boxes by the category name.

  • Action: Create a tile for saved carts, customers, discounts or individual discounts.

Add or edit a tile

  1. Tap and hold any tile to enter setup mode.

  2. Tap + on any empty tile to create a new tile. Choose Item, Category, DisplayGroup or Action.

Note: Use the Item Library to edit or add images, colours and names to item tiles.

Service charges

With the Square Retail POS app on iPad or iPhone, you can also add service charges to any purchase. To get started:

  1. From the Checkout screen, hold down a tile then tap Edit tile grid.

  2. Under “Add to page,” tap Action.

  3. Check the Service charges action tile box.

  4. Select applicable service charges.

  5. Tap Done.

From there, you can move the tile to rearrange or tap the Service charges tile to make edits at any time.

To checkout a customer with a service charge:

  1. Add items to the cart.

  2. Tap the applicable items, then tap Apply Service Charge.

  3. Choose applicable service charges, then tap Save.

  4. Tap Add to Cart.

  5. Tap Charge to complete the payment.

Learn more about Services Charges with Square.

Other Updates

Recent changes included with Square for Retail:

  • Bundles with Square for Retail Plus: combine multiple items together and sell them as one item. Square will automatically track the inventory of the individual components. 

  • Archive Items: remove items from your Item Library to prevent them from being sold. Archived items will still have their item data and stock history and appear in your inventory reports.

  • Add-on Library: offer other Square services directly from your Square Retail POS app directly from the checkout grid. 


Does this change affect all devices?

All devices with the Square Retail POS app will show the redesign. If you have multiple devices for each location, any edits you make on one device will show up on every device logged in to the same location.

Note: While iPhones will show your item grid, you will need to edit the grid and tiles from a different device.

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