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Add a Search Field

If you’ve upgraded to Weebly Pro or higher, you can add Search to your site to enable your visitors to quickly and easily discover whatever they’re looking to find.

The Search Box can be dragged to multiple pages just like any of the other elements.

A visitor can search your entire site simply by entering a word or phrase in any of the search boxes you’ve added.

The results are immediately displayed on a search results page that distinguishes between regular pages, blog pages and blog comments. The layout of the results page cannot be directly edited, but it uses your global font settings (found under Design > Design Options) to determine how the text should look.

search bike

If there are no results found for the visitor’s search request, then they’ll see a simple message indicating that this is the case.

search none

The Search bar uses the text content found in paragraph, title and eCommerce elements; in page names, descriptions and keywords; and in picture captions/alt tags to determine which results should be displayed.

If you want to exempt a page from the search results (so that it won’t show if someone searches for it), choose that page from the list found under the Pages tab, click the Advanced Settings link, then check the provided “Hide This Page from Search Engines” box.

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