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Create Discounts for Square Online Items

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Discounts are a great way to incentivize your customers to buy the items on your website. With Square, you can create and customize discounts and coupons your customers can use to purchase items from Square Online.

Create Discounts from Your Item Library

You can access and apply automatic discounts you create from your online Square Dashboard to the items you offer on your Square Online website. To do so:

  1. From your Square Item Library, go to Discounts.

  2. Select Create a Discount to enter discount details including a discount name, amount (either a percentage or whole amount) and applicable locations.

  3. From the “Automatic discount” section, toggle on Discount rules and select a discount type. Note: Customer group discounts and Square category discounts won’t apply to Square Online sites.

  4. In the “Apply automatic discount” section, check the Square Online option to automatically apply the discount to all Square Online sites.

  5. Save to apply the changes.

The discounts you create will be available on your live Square Online website. Learn more about how to create and manage discounts

Item Library Discounts for Square Online FAQ

Can I create category-based discounts from my Item Library for Square Online?

Not at this time. Due to Square Online item sync, Square Online categories can’t be selected in category-based discounts in the Item Library. Item Library categories are meant for Square Point of Sale, while Square Online categories are meant for your website.

Can I apply discounts after taxes?

No. Square Online discounts can only be applied before taxes.

Can I offer discounts in Square Online if I have set sale prices for my items in Square Online?

Yes. However, the discount will be applied to the promotional price of the item. It isn’t currently possible to apply discounts to the full sale price. For example, if your item costs $100 and you’re offering a 20% discount, the item price in your Square Item Library will be $80. If you create a 50% discount for Square Online, it will be calculated as 50% of $80 and the final price will be $40.

How do discounts work with coupons?

On Square Online, coupons can’t be used with discounts. If your customer adds a discounted item to their cart, they won’t be able to add a coupon at checkout. However, on your Square Point of Sale, coupons can be combined with discounts in the order that gives your customer the best value.

Can my customers use Loyalty rewards with discounts on Square Online?

While your customers can use Loyalty rewards for discounted items on Square Point of Sale, it isn’t possible on Square Online. If your customer adds a discounted item to their cart, they won’t be able to add a loyalty reward to the cart at checkout. They will still be able to accrue loyalty points from that purchase.

Create Coupons from Square Online


You can create several coupon types with customizable rules and restrictions for your Square Online items. Customers that enter a coupon code during checkout will see a discount immediately applied to their order.

Note: Square Online coupons are meant for online use only. All discounts in Square Online are applied before tax and shipping rates. Additionally, your customers can only use one online coupon code at a time during checkout.

Start creating a coupon

To create a coupon in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Coupons or Shared Settings > Coupons.
  2. Select Add Coupon.

You can also delete coupons from the Coupons page using the bulk-editing method.

Enter a coupon code

To set up how and when your online discount coupon should work, start by entering a coupon code. Your customers will enter this text at checkout, so choose something that makes sense with the kind of discount you’re offering. You can use any combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

Note: The code isn’t case-sensitive, which means a coupon code of “SAVE10” and “save10” will both work to apply the same discount.

Limit the number of coupons

To allow an unlimited number of coupons, select the Unlimited button. This option allows any number of customers to use the coupon code. They can also reuse the same code on future purchases.

To limit the total number of coupons available, select the Limited button and enter the number of coupons you want to allow. For example, you might want to limit the offer to the first 150 orders.

Set limits per customer

You also have the option to limit coupon use on a per-customer basis. To limit the number of times a customer can use the coupon, select the Limit per customer toggle and enter a number in the box. For example, entering “1” here will prevent a customer from using the code more than once, even if the coupon is set to unlimited and never expires.

Set a date range

To set a date range for your coupon, select the date boxes and choose a date from the calendar. The start date defaults to the current date, but you can also set the starting date in the future (which is handy if you’d like to set up seasonal discounts in advance).

Note: Dates are inclusive. This means that if you enter 3/3/25 - 4/4/25, the coupon will be valid on both March 3 and April 4.

Online coupon types

  • Percentage Discount: Discounts the purchase price based on the percentage you enter.
  • Specific Amount Discount: Discounts the purchase price based on the amount you enter.
  • Free Shipping: Removes shipping fees from an order. You’ll need to create shipping rates before setting up this type of coupon. Select the link to choose a shipping method.
  • Free Delivery: If you have fees set up for local delivery, this coupon removes local delivery fees from those orders.

What to discount

Choose what to discount from the dropdown menu:

  • All orders: The coupon is valid for all orders (as long as they meet any other restrictions you’ve set up).
  • Orders over a certain amount: The coupon is only valid when the order total is exactly at or over a specific amount you enter.
  • Specific categories: The coupon applies to items that are included in the category you choose. Select the link to select one or more categories for this coupon.
  • Specific items: The coupon applies only to the items you choose. Select the link to pick one or more items you want to include.

Note: You’re unable to set up coupons for specific item options and variations at this time. For example, if you’re selling shirts in multiple sizes and colours, the discount will apply to all available sizes and colours of that shirt.

Save when finished to return to the coupons list and view the details for all coupons. Select any coupon in your list to make changes.

Share coupons with QR codes and links

In Square Online, you can easily share coupons with your customers using QR codes and links. After customers scan your code or select your link, they’ll go directly to your website with the coupon code already applied to their order without needing to manually enter in a code during checkout. This helps make the purchase process much smoother for customers and can potentially increase conversion rates for you.

To share a Square Online coupon via QR code or link:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Coupons or Shared Settings > Coupons.
  2. Under the coupon you wish to share, select Share and choose either Download QR Code or Copy Link.

You can print the QR code and place it anywhere you see fit (e.g. in pickup orders, marketing emails, your window, etc.), or copy the link to create buttons, linked text or linked images on your website. Learn more about how to add a link to your website.

Start Creating a Coupon

To create a coupon in Square Online:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Coupons or Shared Settings > Coupons.

  2. Select Add Coupon.

You can also delete coupons from the Coupons page using the bulk editing method.

Offer Square Online Coupons with Square Marketing

It’s easy to create a Square Marketing campaign for your customers with a discount code from Square Online. First, create a coupon for Square Online, then follow these steps:

  1. From your Square Marketing Overview page, select Create Campaign > Email.

  2. Under the One-time campaigns, choose Offer a coupon and select Next to continue.

  3. Select the coupon section of your campaign.

  4. In the editing panel, select Use existing.

  5. Enter the coupon code you created in Square Online. Add a title, description and call to action, and use the same expiration date info as you entered in Square Online. Note: Coupon details don’t sync between Square Marketing and Square Online. If you need to edit details for your online discount, visit your Square Online Overview page.

  6. Click Select Audience to choose who to send your coupon campaign to.

  7. Review your campaign and select Send Now.

With your campaign sent, customers will receive an email with your Square Online coupon code (which is only redeemable online).

Note: Square Marketing coupons that are redeemed online won’t appear in reporting until the corresponding order is marked complete.

Learn more about getting started with Square Marketing.

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