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Join Square's Beta Program

Square’s Beta Program is your opportunity to help us improve features and tools in advance. We want to work with you to make sure our products are not only useful, but invaluable for your business.

Participating in the program is simple:

1. Download the Square Point of Sale Beta app:
2. Keep an eye out for Beta invites:

As long as you use the Point of Sale Beta app as part of your daily operations, you’ll automatically gain early access to upcoming features. As new features are made available, we will send you an email invitation to participate and provide feedback on releases.

3. Share your thoughts:

We encourage you to share your impressions, feature requests and the improvements you’d like to see, so please contact us. If you notice a bug or issue with the Beta app or a Beta feature, we ask that you report it and revert back to the publicly available version of Square POS.

You can also join our online Seller Community, where you will be able to provide direct feedback to Square Beta Managers and Square Product Managers. In addition to a direct line of contact with Square, you will also be able to get invitations to beta test future Square offerings and discuss your experiences with a community of business owners like yourself.

Questions? Learn more about the Square Beta Program.

Square’s Terms and Privacy Policy applicable to your existing Square account also apply to your use of the Beta. By downloading the Beta app or enabling Beta features within your settings, you agree to keep all information confidential until it is released to the public. Review Square’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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