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Add a Call-Out Box


Looking for a way to draw attention to important information or specific content on your website? The Call-Out Box app allows you to highlight anything you want quickly and easily.

If you don’t have the Call-Out Box app installed, you can do that from the Build tab within the editor, or by visiting this link. Make sure you’re logged into your Weebly account as you’ll need to select which site you want to add the app to. Need more info on installing and managing your apps? Check out our guide here.


Once you have Call-Out Box installed, scroll to the bottom of the Build tab and drag it to your page like any other element. Next, decide what you want to showcase with the Call-Out Box and add other elements accordingly. We’re using the app to alert customers to a special discount in the example above, but there are many possible uses for the app – go ahead and get creative with it.


Once you’ve arranged your elements in the Call-Out Box, you can adjust settings like spacing, background and border colour, and choose from two different looks for the app itself. Click on the element to activate the Settings pop up and make any changes you want. Want to change the colour of any text in your Call-Out Box? Those settings are actually managed in the Themes tab. If you don’t want to change your font colours for the rest of your site, you can select the text within the Call-Out Box and change the colour with the tool bar.


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