Square Enables Fast, Elegant Tableside Payments by Adding Square Terminal Integration to Square for Restaurants

nov 01, 2018

Today, Square announced a new way for restaurants to take tableside payments. By bringing two of its newest products together, Square aims to end the slow back-and-forth of transporting credit cards and receipts around a restaurant. Just weeks after launching Square Terminal, Square’s new all-in-one card processing device, the company is already announcing the first major update, integrating Square for Restaurants with Square Terminal for an elegant, integrated handheld experience that enables restaurants to turn tables faster, delight diners, and accept mobile payments.

“When we launched Square for Restaurants earlier this year, we built the product for speed, simplicity, and efficiency. Today, we’re extending the functionality of Square for Restaurants by integrating it with Square’s newest hardware, providing a better payments experience for diners and making it even easier for restaurants to run their business,” said Alyssa Henry, Seller Lead at Square. “Restaurants using Square Terminal will be well-equipped to let diners pay any way they want — contactless cards, smartphones, or watches — and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to payments technology.”

Starting today, establishments powered by Square for Restaurants can use Square Terminal to seamlessly access all open checks and complete payments tableside. Servers can split the bill, modify checks, receive tips, and accept tap, dip, and swipe payments on Square Terminal — removing friction from the check-paying experience while reducing charge errors. This all-in-one package also saves time for restaurants at close of day; since tips are entered digitally by diners, Square Terminal with Square for Restaurants eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process of manually reviewing receipts and tips at the end of service.

“In a restaurant, one of the few times a diner looks at their watch is when they’re ready to pay and leave. Taking payments tableside with Square Terminal helps speed up that process,” said Naama Tamir, owner of Lighthouse restaurant in Brooklyn. “Sometimes we even drop it on the table for diners to check out themselves — it’s so easy to use, and saves everyone time.”

“Square Terminal was designed to be versatile, professional, and portable — making tableside payments a reality for the U.S. in a way they’ve never been before,” said Jesse Dorogusker, Hardware Lead at Square. “When paired with Square for Restaurants, we’re able to bring even more speed and flexibility into the dining room. We’re also eager to see what other innovative ways our sellers use Square Terminal to make their operations more efficient.”

With integrated hardware and software, Square brings simplicity and speed to complex environments while removing the hassle of managing multiple vendors so that restaurant operators can focus on what they do best. Payments processed on Square Terminal include Square’s fully managed payments platform, including integrated Apple Pay and EMV compatibility, PCI compliance, fraud prevention and dispute management, next-business-day deposits, and more. It’s the same transparent, low processing rate Square for Restaurants customers already know: 2.6% + 10¢ for every dip, tap, or swipe payment.

Square Terminal costs $399 per device, and new-to-Square sellers who make the switch pay just $99 for Square Terminal after a $300 processing credit. To learn more about bringing tableside payments to your restaurant, visit square.com/restaurants.