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Corporate Flow in Franchise Management Setup

Step 1 - Adding a Franchise Location

  1. Access Franchise Management Settings page

  2. Scroll to the Franchisee Locations section and click the +Add Locations button

  3. Select stores

  4. Assign Menu/Menus that should be pushed and updated for the selected list of stores

  5. Press Sync & Add button to connect Franchise stores and push the selected menus in Square POS of these Franchise accounts.

Step 2 - Franchise Management Settings page and Franchisee locations List view.

Note: Multi Menu Management must be enabled before proceeding to Step 2.

In the Franchise locations screen appears a new column, showing what menus are connected to each store.

If only one menu is attached to this location in the title of the singular menu will appear in the list.

In case there is more than 1 menu attached to the store, titles of all the attached menus will not be displayed. Instead, the title of the first menu title is displayed.

Step 3 - Location Specific Settings Page

In Franchise Location Specific Settings, there is a Menu Settings section where Corporate can see and update Menus connected to a location.

  • If a menu item is deleted from a location, it means that we should delete this menu from the Franchise POS.

  • If a menu item is added to a location, this menu item should appear in the Franchise POS.

  • Any additional updates to the menu will need to be confirmed clicking the Save button. Confirm the additional popup warning to finalize your decision.