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How Customers Redeem Their Vouchers

Square merchants can send coupons to customers via email. Check the voucher details to see if you can redeem it by visiting a merchant’s location or online. When you redeem a voucher, your card statement may initially show a pending charge for the full transaction amount. When the transaction is finalised, usually one or two days later, the charge will reflect the discounted price.

Redeem a Voucher Online

If you receive an online store voucher, you can enter the voucher code at checkout in the merchant’s online store.

Redeem a Voucher in Store

When you visit a merchant, you can redeem your voucher by providing the cashier with your voucher code at checkout.

Reward Redemption FAQ

How did Square get my contact information?

After you visit a business and provide your email address and explicit consent to receive marketing emails, that business may send emails that include discounts and coupons via Square Marketing. Only businesses you give your email to and explicit consent directly will have you contact information.

How do I update my email preferences for receipts from Square merchants?

Open any email you’ve received from a Square merchant and
click Manage Preferences. Learn more about managing your receipt

Can coupons be redeemed at a merchant’s website or online store?

Yes! Coupons may be redeemed on a Square seller’s website depending on
the seller’s available online store coupons.

Can I redeem a portion of a coupon?

Not at this time. A coupon can be redeemed once. If you don’t redeem
the full value, the remainder of the reward can’t be redeemed at a
later time.

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