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Shogo and Square

The Shogo and Square integration is designed to help you centralize your sales information in QuickBooks Desktop or Xero. Shogo allows you to automate your daily sales reporting, to keep your transaction history and bank deposits accurate and up-to-date.

Learn more about Shogo on their website.

Integrate with Shogo

Visit the App integrations page of your online Square Dashboard, scroll down to the Accounting & Tax section, and locate Shogo. Click Get Started. You can also visit the Shogo website for more information.


Shogo offers a free 14-day trial. If you decide to sign-up, subscription fees start at $30.00 (USD) per month. You can view a full list ofsubscription costs on their website.

Square’s fee for payments processed with your Shogo is 1.4% +25c for EEA cards and 2.9% + 25c for UK/non-EEA cards.

Payments and Reporting

Payments processed with Shogo will automatically sync with your Square account. You’ll be able to locate your payment history in the Transactions section of your online Square Dashboard. Learn more about viewing and downloading your Square payment history online.

You’ll receive transfers for transactions processed through Shogo just like your Square Point of Sale payments–following your transfer schedule.

Manage Your Shogo Account

Shogo’s features, services, and subscriptions are managed by them directly. For additional help, visit the Shogo’ Support Center. You can also email the Shogo Support Team directly at

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