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Test connectivity report

Who is this article for?
This article is for Square users experiencing any network connection issues. It can also be used proactively to check the health of your network connection to prevent potential issues during business operations.

About the connectivity report

The connectivity report offers on-device troubleshooting and assists in determining the overall health of the device and its network connection. 

The report includes tests for:

  • Internet Access

    • Checks that the device has consistent access to the internet

    • A failure may indicate problems your ISP or your router

  • Local Network Access

    • Verifies the device has a valid IP address and can access other resources on the network, like printers

    • A failure may indicate issues with your network cable, wireless network or router

  • Access to Square services

    • Verifies the device can contact Square in the cloud

    • A failure may indicate DNS or firewall issues

    • You can also verify the status of Square services at

Before you begin

To run a connectivity report, you will need a compatible device running the latest version of the Square POS app. 

Run a connectivity report

  1. From the navigation bar, tap ≡ More, then tap Settings

  2. From the Settings screen, tap Hardware

  3. From the Hardware screen, tap Test connectivity

Once run, the report will provide a status report that can be shared with your IT department or Square Support teams for further assistance if needed. 

The Hardware Hub can also be accessed from the My devices option in the menu bar at the top of the screen. The My devices option will only appear when accessories, like printers, are connected to your device.

Next Steps

Review the following Support Centre articles for more information about troubleshooting Square hardware:

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