Receive a purchase order with Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for business owners who want to receive purchase orders for partial or full quantities of items to track vendors and inventory.

About receiving purchase orders

With Square for Retail Plus subscriptions, you can receive inventory from your Square Dashboard and Square Retail POS app.

Before you begin

If inventory is damaged or will not be fulfilled for some other reason, click Update next to the impacted line item. Marking items as damaged, stolen (theft), or as a loss, will not reflect on your Cost of Goods Sold report.

When you receive a purchase order, you can enter shipping and handling or other costs by clicking Add Fee. Additional costs will be included in your Cost of Goods Sold report. Keep in mind, adding additional fees will not affect the unit cost of the individual items in the purchase order.

Purchase orders do not currently support ordering or receiving decimal quantities – only whole numbers.

Receive a purchase order

Option 1: From the Square Dashboard

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and navigate to Items & orders > Items.

  2. Click Inventory management > Purchase orders and select the purchase order you have received.

  3. Click Receive All or Receive None. To partially receive inventory, click Receive in the product row.

  4. Enter the amount to partially receive.

  5. Click Save.

Option 2: From the Square Retail POS app

  1. Tap Inventory from the Navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

    • If you’re using Square for Retail on Square Register, tap the list icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

  2. Tap Purchase Orders > tap the appropriate purchase order under the “Active” list.

  3. Tap Select items to receive > check off the appropriate items to be received > tap Next.

  4. Tap Receive in Full to receive the full quantity of received items you need to modify, or tap Partial Receive to receive a partial quantity > tap Save.

  5. Tap Next again to view the Purchase Order Summary.

  6. Tap Done to complete the reception.

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