Close a bill and take a payment with Square for Restaurants

Who is this article for?
This article is for team members or restaurant managers using Square for Restaurants with a Square for Restaurants Free, Plus or Premium subscription. This article is applicable to different models of service, including but not limited to quick service restaurants (QSRs), full service restaurants (FSRs), Cafes/Bakeries, Bars/Clubs and more.

Before you begin

Once guests are ready to pay, a team member needs to collect payment and close the bill. This could be at the beginning of or during service depending on the type of restaurant and their setup. Before closing a bill or taking a quick sale in Square Restaurants POS:

  • Confirm the order: Verify all items on the order are accurate and complete. Ensure you attended to any modifications or special requests.

  • Review the bill details: Review the items, quantities and prices to confirm their accuracy. Make any necessary adjustments or apply discounts, if needed.

Make sure you’ve configured your checkout and payment settings in the Square Dashboard before taking payments.

Close a bill and take payment

  1. Open the bill you’d like to close.

  2. From the cart, tap Print Bill to print out your bill, or tap Pay to start the payment process.

  3. Select the appropriate payment method or tap Split Amount to split the payment between guests and/or different tender types.

  4. Tap, insert or swipe the payment method; then optionally allow the guest to tip on the POS screen.

Next steps

Learn more about other ways to manage your restaurant’s bills:

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