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Accept In-Person Payments with Clearpay and Square

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Clearpay is a buy now, pay later payment method that allows customers to pay for in-person transactions in four interest-free instalments over six weeks. Merchants get immediately paid in full. Clearpay in-person acceptance is currently available with:

Compatible Hardware

Your Square hardware will allow customers to pay for in-person goods and services using their Clearpay Card via digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Learn more about Clearpay card and how it works.

Setup is easy – your Square Register, Square Terminal, Square Stand and Square Reader for contactless and chip will automatically be set up so your customers can pay for in-person goods or services as soon as Clearpay is enabled from your online Square Dashboard. No additional integration or hardware setup is required.


Square sellers using Clearpay get paid the full amount at the time of purchase, minus a processing fee on the total order. Enabling Clearpay with Square is free – there are no monthly fees or startup costs. You only pay when you make a sale. No processing fees are charged on the remaining instalments or if your customer makes a late payment.

Clearpay processing fees will be 6% + £0.30 across in-person payments.

Note: Clearpay rates are fixed and do not vary by subscription type, hardware or custom pricing.


To see if you are eligible for Clearpay in-person acceptance with Square, log in to your online Square Dashboard and review your Payment Methods.

Eligibility for Clearpay is dependent on numerous factors, including how your business is structured and what you sell:

  • Sellers must be in an approved merchant category

  • Sellers must be based in the United Kingdom

  • Sellers can’t have multiple Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) or business numbers

If Clearpay is available to your business, you can toggle on Clearpay acceptance both Online or In Person from within this setting. If you’re listed as Ineligible, you can’t accept payments using Clearpay at this time.

We are working on expanding Clearpay availability over time to allow more sellers to accept Clearpay within their business. Review our Clearpay Merchant Terms for more information.

Enable or Disable Clearpay

You can enable or disable Clearpay at any time by toggling In-person on/off via your Payment Methods settings.

Square Dashboard

  1. Go to Account & Settings from your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Click Business information > Payment methods.
  3. Next to the Clearpay payment method, click ••• then Edit settings.
  4. Toggle the In-Person setting on/off.

Note: Once you’ve enabled Clearpay in-person, customers can pay via their Clearpay Card on Square, Appointments, Retail, Invoices and Restaurants POS.

Square App

To enable or disable Clearpay for in-person transactions on Square POS app and Square Appointments app, you can enable/disable Clearpay directly from your app or online Square Dashboard.

From your Square POS app or Square Appointments app:

  1. Tap ≡ More > Settings > Checkout > Payment.
  2. Under All payment types, tap Configure Clearpay. You will be directed to your dashboard via a web browser.
  3. Toggle the In-person setting on/off.

If you’re using Square for Retail POS, Square for Restaurants POS, Invoices or Virtual Terminal, visit the Payment methods setting from your online Square Dashboard to enable/disable Clearpay.

Once you’ve enabled Clearpay in-person, customers can pay via their Clearpay Card on Square POS, Appointments POS, Retail POS and Restaurants POS.

Note: Square in-person acceptance is not yet available with Square Invoices or Square Appointments Online Booking Site. We hope to expand availability soon.

For tips to promote Clearpay in-person at your business, visit our In-Person FAQ.

Accept Clearpay In-Person

Once you’ve enabled Clearpay, you can accept payments as you normally would with a card, cash or other payment option.

  1. Add items to basket or enter a custom amount.

  2. Tap Review sale > Charge.

  3. The customer must open the Clearpay App, then tap In-Store > Pay in-store > Pay in-store with Clearpay Card.

  4. Once they’ve authorised the payment, they can tap their mobile device to your Square Reader, Square Terminal, Square Stand or Square Register.

  5. Send a digital receipt via text message or email or print the receipt as proof of purchase. The customer will also see the transaction via their Clearpay app starting with SQ*.

Refund Clearpay Transactions

If the customer completed a payment using Clearpay Card and Square hardware, you can issue a full or partial refund within one year of the original transaction date.

Full Refunds

If you have returned an order in its entirety and the full amount of the order is refunded, any upcoming payments will be cancelled and any payments you have already made will be refunded back to the card you paid with.

Partial Refund Example

The same principles apply if you’ve returned a portion of an order and received a partial refund. Let’s use the below example to show how this works.

Order #123456 totalled £100, and the first payment of £25 was made at the time of purchase.

Order #123456 £100 Payment Status
First payment £25 PAID
Second payment £25 Due in two weeks
Third payment £25 Due in four weeks
Fourth payment £25 Due in six weeks

The order total was £100 and a refund of £80 was processed.

However, prior to the second payment being made, items totalling £80 were returned. After the £80 refund was processed, the second, third and fourth payments were cancelled. Additionally, the first payment was retroactively adjusted to £20 and the £5 balance was refunded back to the original card the payment was made with.

Order #123456 £100 Payment Status
First payment £25 Adjusted to £20, refund £5 back to card
Second payment £25 Cancelled
Third payment £25 Cancelled
Fourth payment £25 Cancelled

Learn more about processing refunds via the Square POS app or your online Square Dashboard.

Clearpay and Square FAQs

Learn more about processing Clearpay via our Square Online FAQ, Square Online Checkout or In-Person FAQ.

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