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Manage Square Appointments

Set Staff Locations and Hours

Staff member hours and time zones are initially set by the business’ settings.

To customise the location, hours, and time zone for a particular staff member:

  1. Select your staff member.

  2. Under Location and Hours, toggle on their locations and set hours for each.

  3. Click Save.

Once set, that staff member will have custom hours. Any updates made to your business hours will not affect that staff member’s bookable hours.

If no custom hours are set, updates to the business’ hours or time zone will apply to that staff member’s bookable hours and time zone as well.

The hours set on the staff member’s page are reflected on the account’s bookable calendar as well as the staff member’s calendar.

Manage Staff Schedules

You can set staff availability on a per-week basis, giving you even more control over your staff’s schedule. This helps you schedule multi-day outages like vacations, make one-off changes to hours as needed, and manage shifts across your employees without affecting your business or staff hours.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab of your Square Appointments dashboard.

  2. Select the Staff View drop down.

  3. Select which week and employee you’d like to customise hours for.

  4. Set hours > click Done.

If you’re the sole staff member, you’ll see the Customise Availability option next to the Create Appointment button in the Calendar tab.

Your new availability will be reflected on both your browser and iOS calendars, and your updated availability will be reflected in your online booking site for the selected week.

Note: Custom Availability must be set per-location by selecting a location from the drop down in the Calendar tab of the Square Appointments dashboard.

Services Offered

Once you’ve created services, select which services each staff member can offer.

You will also be able to apply unique cancellation fees per employee & unique duration times per service type.

Staff Member Biography

Scroll to Biography near the bottom of the page to include your staff member’s biography, including specialties and services. Be sure to save your changes.

Manage Staff’s appointments

As the Square Appointments account owner, view and edit appointments made by your staff.

From your Calendar, select the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen to choose the Side-by-Side view to see upcoming activity of each staff member simultaneously.

Disable or Remove Staff

You can turn off booking for particular staff members or delete staff from your account.

Disable Booking for Staff

Toggle off Online Booking Visibility to change booking eligibility. Toggling a staff member off will remove that staff member from your public booking site. It will not remove that staff member from any pre-existing appointments. Staff with Full Access can still schedule that staff member for future appointments.

Delete Staff

To delete staff from your account:

  1. From the Staff tab of your Square Appointments Dashboard, click the staff member you’d like to delete.

  2. Click the trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Click Delete Staff.

Note: If you delete a staff member, all of that staff member’s information is removed from your account.

Once you delete a staff member, if you’d like to disable their ability to process payments or access their online calendar, head to their employee profile.

To disable staff from accessing the Square Appointments app:

  1. On your Square Dashboard, click Team.

  2. Click on the name of the staff you would like to deactivate.

  3. Select Deactivate on the top right hand corner.

Note: There isn’t a way to delete an employee profile at this time. To hide inactive staff from your employee list, select Status > Active on the top left to filter your list to reflect active employees only.

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