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Locate Transfers

Payments accepted with Square are sent directly to your linked bank account based on Square’s transfer schedule. If you can’t find a transfer, review the information below to make sure you’ve ruled out common issues:

View Transfer Details

From the Online Square Dashboard

1. Visit Balance > Transfer Reports in your online Square Dashboard.

2. Use the date selector tool at the top-left of the page to refine the date range of your transfer search. Note: Click the middle of the date selector tool to see a full calendar view.

3. Click on any transfer in the list to view details, including the last three digits of the bank account where the transfer was sent, and the individual card payments included in the transfer.

From the Square Point of Sale app

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Tap Balance.

  3. Tap Transfer Reports.

Review your transfer schedule

  • Check Square’s transfer schedule cutoff times. If payments were accepted after midnight or your customised close of day, those payments will be sent in your next transfer.

  • Transfers aren’t sent on weekends. Payments accepted on Saturday or Sunday are sent to your linked bank account by 4 p.m. on Monday.

  • Most banks are closed on weekends and holidays, so transfers sent by Square are usually delayed during these times.

Check your payments

Check your Square Account

  • Check your emails or notifications to see if the Account Services Team have reached out for more information regarding your Square Account. Learn more about Suspended Transfers FAQ.

  • If you have multiple Square accounts or locations, make sure your device was signed into the active Square account or location associated with the linked bank account. The ability to transfer funds between Square accounts or locations is not available. You can opt to transfer funds outside of Square or issue a refund and sign into the correct Square account or location to process the payment again. You’ll need the original payment card or details from your customer.

  • Check your location status. If you were accepting payments on a deactivated location, you’ll need to reactivate that location, wait for the transfers to clear and then deactivate it again. Ensure you’re logged into the correct location before continuing to accept payments on your point of sale devices.

Check your bank account

  • Check that your bank account is verified. If you take payments before linking your bank account, money will remain in your account balance until your bank is verified.

  • Check if a transfer is pending. Pending transfers will complete and should arrive on the next working day.

  • Transfers from Square sent to your linked bank account can be identified by searching Square Inc in your bank statement. Instant transfers sent to your bank account will be described as SQC.

  • Make sure your Square account isn’t linked to a closed bank account. If the transfers are sent to a closed bank account, please contact our Customer Success team.

If you are still having trouble locating your transfers, check your email to see if you’ve been contacted by Square. If you have, reply to that email. You should also double-check your spam folder as some email filters may automatically sort out Square’s emails.

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