Create Square for Franchises Users

What are Users?

Users is a general term used for individuals with a role in Square for Franchises of any level. From a Merchant Super Admin to a Store Cashier. 

User types & level of access

You can use permission sets to provide users access to certain features depending on their position and status.



Merchant Super Admin

Allows users to edit and manage everything in the Square for Franchises dashboard at the store and merchant level.

Merchant Marketer

Allows users to manage marketing settings, including managing the customer list, forming different audiences, managing the loyalty program, sending marketing campaigns, and setting promotions.

Merchant Operator

Allows users to assign stores for new users to manage.

Store Admin

Allows users to edit anything within their assigned stores.

Store Operations

Allows users to edit and manage orders, business hours, and delivery and pick-up settings only for their assigned stores.

Store Cashier

Allows users to edit and manage orders of their assigned stores.

Add a user

  1. Sign in to your Square for Franchises dashboard, click Merchant from the drop-down menu and select Team.

  2. Click Add User.

  3. Fill out the required information for the user, including their email address and their role and access level.

  4. Click Invite

  5. The invited user will receive an email identical to the onboarding email when signing up for a Square for Franchises account and will follow the same onboarding process. 

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