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SuperPay and Square

Square integrates with SuperPay to make it easier to receive recurring payments for subscription or membership business models.

The integration allows you to:
• Create payment plans with fully customizable collection dates and intelligent retries for failed payments.
• Collect payments from any number of customers via email, messaging or embedded on your website.

Learn more about integrating SuperPay with Square.

Integrate with SuperPay

To integrate SuperPay with Square:

1. Visit the Apps section of your tableau de bord Square en ligne.
2. Search for SuperPay and click Démarrer.
3. Follow the steps as detailed by SuperPay.

Billing and Pricing

SuperPay has several subscription plans to suit your business. Visit the SuperPay website for more information about comparing plans and SuperPay's Pricing

Manage Your SuperPay Account

For assistance with the FreshBooks and Square integration, you’ll need to:

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