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FreshBooks and Square

Square integrates with FreshBooks to make invoicing and accounting easy for Square sellers. Create professional-looking invoices and automate payments with billing reminders, stored credit cards or upfront deposit requests.

Learn more about integrating Square with FreshBooks.

Integrate with FreshBooks

To integrate FreshBooks with Square:

1. Visit the Apps section of your Tableau de bord Square en ligne.
2. Search for FreshBooks and click Get Started.
3. Follow the steps as detailed by FreshBooks.

Once you connect both accounts, you can run an initial sync of data from any historical start date and leave the integration on for on-going transaction syncs. After running an initial sync, on-going sync will automatically be turned on.

Billing and Pricing

FreshBooks has several subscription plans to suit your business. Visit the FreshBooks website for more information about comparing plans and FreshBook's pricing.

Manage Your FreshBooks Account

For assistance with the FreshBooks and Square integration, you’ll need to:

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