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Create an Online Ordering Domain with Square for Franchises

With Square for Franchises, you can create an original domain name for online orders. You can create a link between your domain and the Square for Franchises service. You can only have one active Square for Franchises Domain. 

Step 1.  Sign in to your Square for Franchises dashboard and General Settings > Domain Settings.

Step 2. Enter a Domain Name for your online ordering site and click Add Domain.

Step 3. Set the store under your domain name. You will receive the record for your domain registration tool, where you must make several entries that we will provide you. Please write this data in your domain control panel.

Step 4. Press the button ‘Check Domain Status’ to verify if your domain is working properly.

Step 5. Choose Domain Destination – the web page the domain should redirect to, by using Location Selector or by entering a Specific Store.

Step 6. Set location selector slug. You can manually change the slug for Location Selector URL.

Step 7. Send Mail Options. Set the order confirmation emails that will be sent from your domain. To validate the email, you must add the entries that will be provided to your domain control panel.

Step 8. Check email status to verify if email records have been set up correctly.

This email will be used for sending letters to end users. It will be specified in 'Send from' and 'Reply to' fields.

Note: If your domain is not yet approved, the records will be valid only for three days.

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