Create a Loyalty Program with Square for Franchises

A loyalty program is a points-based system. Customers receive a certain amount of points based on how much they spend at your business. You can create multiple loyalty programs specific to time of day or certain time periods.

You can view your loyalty customers in your Square for Franchises dashboard under the Central Location corporate Square account. Customers accumulate points on orders from all stores within the same franchise and can spend accrued points in person, online, or through your mobile app. 

Note: You must Contact Square to enable Loyalty on your Square for Franchises account.

Add time-specific earning rule

The default loyalty point accrual rule is that customers earn one point for every one dollar they spend at the business. You can add a time-specific earning rule  to let your customers earn a non-default amount of points on specific days of the week or during specific hours.

Once the Support team has granted you access to Loyalty, and you add a add a Loyalty Program, you will be able to add time specific rules. 

  1. Go to the Loyalty tab and click the 3 dots on the right side of your Loyalty program.

  2. Select Edit to enter the Loyalty Program page > scroll down to Time Specific Earning Rules > Add new rule.

  3. Create a title and a location you’d like to apply the time-specific earning rule to.

  4. Enter the duration that you’d like to add as your time-specific earning rule. 

  5. In Amount Spend select the amount that the customer must spend in order to earn the time-specific points. 

Add a Sign-up earning rule

Customers can also accrue points for signing up through the online ordering page or app. To add a sign-up earning rule:

  1. Sign in to your Square for Franchises dashboard and click Loyalty

  2. Click Add New Rule and select Sign-up Earn Rule.

  3. Enter the amount of points a customer can earn when signing up.

  4. Click Save.

Add rewards

As part of your loyalty program, you create many different types of rewards: check-based, item-based, or category-based. You can also offer customers a percentage or a specific dollar amount off as a reward. 

  1. Sign in to your Square for Franchises dashboard and click Loyalty

  2. Select an existing loyalty program, and click Add New Rule under Redeeming Rewards.

  3. On the Redeem rule configuration page, enter the Reward name, REward description, Minimum Points (the minimum amount of points a customer should have to redeem the reward), and Reward Points (how many points this particular reward costs).

  4. For Applies to, select where the reward applies.

  5. For Discount, you can set a check-based fixed dollar, check-based percentage, item-based fixed dollar, or item based percentage discount.

  6. Enter the discounted amount or percentage, select your currency, and select the item or category available for the reward.

  7. By default, the discount you set applies to all modifiers of the items. To exempt modifiers from the discount, toggle off Apply discount for paid modifiers in the Rules section. The discount will then only apply to the base price of the item or check and exclude the price of the modifiers.

  8. Click Save to finalize your custom reward program.

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