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Team Plus Billing Updates

In January 2023, there was an error in our billing system that uncovered that many Team Plus subscribers have not been billed for their Team Plus subscription for various lengths of time. While Square will not be charging for any previous months of service, we have developed a remediation plan to ensure that all sellers are on the proper subscription tiers and being billed accordingly. The Account Owner for all impacted sellers has received communication either via email or Dashboard notification – or both – reflecting the details outlined above. 

As such, starting on March 1, 2023, impacted sellers will see one of two changes to their Team Plus subscription, depending on their location count and usage of Team Plus features.

Migrated to Team Management Free

Impacted sellers on Team Plus that have not used any Team Plus features in the past 90 days will be migrated to the free tier of Team Management. Following this migration, if any impacted sellers would like to re-subscribe to Team Plus paying the standard rate of $45/month/location, they can do so at any time by visiting Account & Settings > Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions in your online Square Dashboard. If you re-subscribe to Team Plus, note that you will need to reassign team members to your configured permissions sets.

Migrated to Team Plus on the Standard Rate

Impacted sellers on Team Plus that have recent usage of Team Plus features in the past 90 days will be migrated to the standard rate of $45/month for each location that is active on Team Plus. If these sellers add any additional locations to their Team Plus subscription between now and March 1, 2023, they will be charged an additional $35/month for each location added on a going-forward basis.

If you no longer need Team Plus, you can downgrade to the free Team Management product by visiting Pricing & Subscriptions within your online Square Dashboard. You can also read more about how to manage your Team Management subscription in our Support Centre.

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