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Navigating Your Dashboard

Whenever you log in to your account, you’ll see your activity all in one place with your Site Dashboard.

Here you’ll find site stats, form entries and blog comments at a glance, as well as store sales, tips and any third-party dashboard apps you’ve installed via the App Centre.



The menu next to your name in the upper right contains all the data for your profile and account, a link to our support centre and a link to log out.


On the Account page, you can view and make edits to your Profile, Services, Payment Methods and Order History. You can also view the login history for your account and check the status of any referrals you’ve made. To change your login email or password, click Edit Profile under your name on the left.


To go back to the main dashboard, click Sites in the upper-left corner.

Sites List

Every site you own or have access to has its own dashboard with information specific to that site.

At the top you’ll see the name of the currently selected site, its address and plan level.

Clicking on the arrow beside the site name will bring up a list of all your sites and sites shared with you.


Selecting a different site from this list will update the dashboard information to reflect that site.

To the right of the site name is the Edit Site button, which does exactly what it sounds like, and a more menu (. . .) where you can choose to Copy or Delete this site.


Here you’ll find a quick overview of the number of Unique Visitors and Pages Views for the past week. Click Stats to get an even more detailed look at visitors and page views by day.

Form Entries

Information submitted through any form is accessible in two ways:

We send you an email when a visitor fills out one of your forms.
We store the same information in your account.
Recent contact form submissions are displayed on the Dashboard and clicking on these will show all the submissions you’ve ever received through the form, with the most recent contacts right at the top.

Blog Comments

Recent comments on any of your blog posts will appear here, unless you turn off comments (or choose to use Facebook or Disqus to manage them). Click on a comment to reply to or delete it if the comment isn’t something you want to see on your blog.

Store Orders

Have a store? As soon as a shopper pays for their order, it’ll appear on the Dashboard, where you can get all their shipping information and contact them with updates to their order.

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