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Blog Categories

You can add tags to categorize your posts, which displays Categories on your sidebar. Categorizing a post in this way allows visitors to your blog to easily find posts that cover a specific topic.


Adding Categories to a Post is as easy as opening the Post Options, using the Categories section to select any previously added Categories that apply, and adding any new Categories that seem appropriate.

cats 4

Once you add a Category it’s always available to use for future posts.

Any Categories that are used with a blog post will show up in the Categories section of your blog’s sidebar. Clicking on a Category will display all blog posts that have been tagged with that Category.

If you don’t see a Categories section on your sidebar, you can add one by dragging a Categories element to the page. Note: the Blog Sidebar elements are only available when you’re working on a blog page in the editor.

blog cats

We recommend you use a certain amount of restraint when creating Categories. If you keep the number to a minimum (say, less than twenty or so) it’ll be easier for visitors to find posts that interest them. Creating a new Category for almost every post makes it difficult to navigate and significantly less useful for your visitors.

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