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Create a Flexible Header

Flexible Headers give you incredible creative control over the look of your pages. You can add and remove elements, customize the background and adjust the height of the header area.


Headers are built into each new page you add by default, but you can change the header type for any page from the Pages tab. Keep in mind that Splash pages don’t support headers as this style is meant to display a limited amount of content with a single background image. The No Header page type, as the name implies, also doesn’t include a header.


The header will have a few default elements in place when you add a new page, but you can pick a different layout by clicking on the Header Section and then on Replace Header Layout. You can preview and choose from several customizable layouts, or you can just delete the default elements and manually drag in whatever you prefer.


You can customize the background for your header with an image or solid colour, and if you’re a Pro subscriber you can also add a video background. Click on the header and then on Edit Background to add a new background or modify the existing one.


Want to save your header to other pages? Click on Edit Background, then Advanced – you can then choose which pages you want to save the image to.

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