Checkout Options

Your checkout page includes several options to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. From your account dashboard,click the Settings > Checkout link on the left to view and edit these options.

The Checkout setup page is split into three parts:

Payment processors: Connect to or disconnect from a payment processor. You can also view details on the transaction fees and options for each processor. Learn more about accepting payments in this article.

Store policies: Create shipping and return policies to set clear expectations for your customers and avoid confusion. Click the Add policies button to create new policies. When you’re finished, click Save to return to the setup page and view the policy text. Customers will now see this information during the checkout process. Click the Edit policies button if you need to make any changes.

Advanced settings: Change the checkout mode and enable or disable several additional options. Click the Advanced settings button to make changes.

The following options are available:

  • Currency: Displays the currency selected for your online store. Note that this setting can not be changed while connected to a payment processor.

  • Checkout mode: Switch from Add to cart to Buy now. Add to cart is enabled by default and allows users to place any number of items into the shopping cart before checking out. Selecting the Buy now option allows customers to bypass the cart and immediately purchase a single item.

  • Checkout options: The settings here affect item pages and the checkout experience on your website. You can enable customer accounts to allow customers to save shipping information and order history. You can also make the phone number optional during checkout, allow customers to leave you a note when checking out, and add an opt-in checkbox for marketing emails. Additionally, you can turn on the option for customers to receive text message alerts about their order status. Text message notifications are currently only supported in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

  • Buyer address settings: The settings here affect whether or not your customers are required to enter an address when purchasing non-physical items like digital downloads, event tickets, memberships or services.

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