Three Ways to Boost Sales for Your Small Business

So you’ve set up shop, the opening went well, and you have a loyal band of regular customers. But how do you increase sales to keep that momentum going?

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For starters, there are two groups that you need to appeal to: existing customers and future customers. Here are three ways you can reach out to them to boost sales for your small business:

Incentivize existing customers.

The good news is that these folks are already fans of your business. Even better, they can be your greatest tool for attracting new customers. One strategy is to offer gift cards as a simple solution for hurried shoppers looking for the ideal present. Keep them stocked in a visible location near your point-of-sale system to encourage sales (see our guide to easily creating gift cards.

You might also want to introduce a loyalty program for frequent visitors. Stamp cards, for example, are an easy way for coffee shops to encourage repeat business and boost sales by offering a free drink after multiple visits. Or if you own a boutique, you might try holding customer appreciation nights offering discounts and light appetizers to encourage your regulars to bring their friends and family to the store.

Introduce customers to new products.

Food establishments can use the seasons to their advantage by prominently offering free soup or hot beverage samples on a winter day, or fresh lemonade on a summer one to get new customers through the door. Retail establishments can use social media and email newsletters to promote new products to old and new customers. Check out our guides to doing your own PR and using social media for more ideas to focus to your efforts.

Use data for sales and promotions.

Take advantage of technology and find the best sales management software for your small business. Look for something that gives you real-time data and sales history so you can pinpoint which products sell well, and when, and stock your shelves and organize your promotions accordingly. Use your Square Dashboard (in the store or on the go) to access Square Analytics to find out who your customers are and what they want to buy. See our guide to making data-driven decisions for more information. Sales catch your customers’ attention at any time of year, but it probably makes sense to link them to seasonal events such as a spring wardrobe promotion for fashion boutiques or a Canada Day sale for gift shops.