How to Make Your Holiday Marketing Plan Sparkle

The Christmas countdown is on. But fear not. You still have time to put together a holiday marketing plan that will make your business shine. Start your campaign now to make the most of the busiest time of the retail year with these suggestions:

holiday marketing photo

Check your data.

The holidays are a great excuse to get creative, but cold, hard numbers can also be your friend this time of year. Make the most of the sales data available in your Square Dashboard by checking to see which days were your busiest last year and which items sold the best. Use this data to strategize about when to push your most popular products and when to amp up your marketing efforts.

Plan sales and promotions carefully.

This is an expensive time of year and most shoppers are looking for a bargain as they make their way down their Christmas lists. Now is the time to put a holiday sales strategy in place. If you’re selling any obvious stocking stuffers, for example, you might want to offer two for the price of one. Or if you have a boutique, try running a special on party dresses or popular gifts like scarves or socks. Friends-and-family loyalty discounts will also bring more shoppers into your store. Be sure to advertise all sales in your store and on social media to reach the widest audience possible.

Get creative with gift cards.

We’ve all reached for a gift card as a last-minute present during a hectic shopping session. Take advantage of this tendency by keeping a stack of gift cards by the register. They’re an easy way to bring up your sales. You can also customize your own Square gift cards with holiday-themed designs meant to catch the eyes of frazzled shoppers or personalize cards to go with your brand.