La Solution PDV Square et ses multiples fonctionnalités relatives au paiement

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This one’s all about the foundation of your business: Getting paid. Here are six things to know:

1) You get paid quickly
Sales before 5:00 p.m. PT will usually show up in your bank account in as soon as one to two business days. Weekend and after-hours payments are also speedy. Check out the payments schedule.

2) You can set your close-of-day time
Maybe you close after 5:00 p.m. (say, if you run a bar or a hair salon). With Square’s flexible close of day feature, you can enter the closing time that works best your bookkeeping. Learn how to adjust here.

3) You can give partial refunds
Common scenario: A customer wants to return just one or two items. Simply open a refund in your Dashboard or Point of Sale app and enter the amount the customer would like back. Easy. Learn more about partial refunds.

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4) You don’t have to chase down payments
Square Point of Sale’s invoice feature makes invoicing quick and fast for both you and your customers. Just send the invoice via email. The customer enters their credit card info and submits the payment. Voilá. No more headaches. Learn more about invoices.

5) You can take payments when you’re offline
We have you covered when you’re off the grid. Just set your device to offline mode. You can continue to take card payments, and your sales are processed automatically when you regain connectivity. Learn how to take payments offline.

6) You can process cash too
You can take cash and check payments, and even process sales even if you don’t have your Square Reader with you. Just enter the information manually. The transaction will process and authorize as usual. Find out more.

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