Otter and Square

Square integrates with Otter, so you can take control of your online orders with Otter. Otter consolidates delivery partners, orders and data into a single tablet, and helps you take your business to the next level through expansion opportunities. The integration makes menu management a breeze, allowing you to easily roll out changes to multiple platforms.  


  • Save time and money. Reduce missed orders, cancellations, order issues and more using Otter's tablet with auto-accept and order auditing.

  • Unlock best-in-class insights. Otter's suite of reporting products aggregates data from all of your platforms, locations and brands into a single place.

  • Otter offers phone, email and chat support as well as dedicated customer success and technical account management depending on your restaurant’s needs.

  • Avoid double entry, decrease errors and fully integrate your online channels with your kitchen operations. Otter aggregates and sends orders from all of your online channels directly to Square Point of Sale, ensuring you have all of your orders in one system, and that your digital and physical channels are reported side by side, without manual effort and errors.

Integrate with Otter

To integrate Otter with your Square account, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the Otter page via Square App Marketplace.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Follow the prompts and allow permissions to integrate and access your Square account information.

You can view all of your integrations at any time via the App integrations tab on your online Square Dashboard.

If you run into any issues at all, take a look at Otter's Help Centre for help getting started.

Billing and Pricing

For more information about comparing plans and pricing, visit the Otter website.

Manage Your Otter Account

Otter’s features, services and subscriptions are managed by Otter directly. For additional help:

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