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Add Processing Time to Your Square Appointments Services

With Square Appointments, you are able to use processing time to let clients book during downtime of existing appointments, directly from your online booking site. Adding processing time to your services allows you to account for downtime, stay organised and earn more with added bookings.

Create a Service with Processing Time

Before creating a service with processing time, here are some useful definitions:

  • Initial duration is the time needed to set up before a service (e.g. applying colour).

  • Processing duration is the time needed to allow the initial step to set (e.g. waiting for colour to process).

  • Final duration is the time needed to complete service (e.g. rinse hair, apply treatment).

  • Total duration of the service is a sum of all the above.

To create a service with processing time from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Items & Orders > Items in your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Select Service Library > Create Service.

  3. Under Duration toggle on Add Processing time.

  4. Adjust the duration of the processing time in the Processing Duration field.

  5. Once you’re done creating your service, click Save.

View Your Processing Time on Your Appointments Calendar

Get an accurate record of your availability at a glance.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to your Square Appointments online Dashboard.

  2. Select Calendar to view your appointments.

Edit Your Processing Time

Once you’ve enabled processing time for your services, you can adjust or remove that processing time on any individual appointment.

To do so, select the appointment you’d like to edit, click on the processing time and remove the processing time or edit its duration. Once you’re done editing, click Save to apply your changes.

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