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Receive Transfers with Square for Retail

In order to receive transfers with Square for Retail, you’ll need to complete the sign-up process, verify your identity and link a supported bank account.

Information Required to Sign Up

Regulations require that Square understand and verify the company and personal information for those we are doing business with.

The following information is required to activate a Square account:

  • Account Holder Full Legal Name

  • Date of birth: Current credit card regulations require our customers to be 18 years of age or older to create a Square account.

  • Account Holder IE Residential Address

  • Account Holder Phone Number

  • Director, Shareholder, Partner, Owner or Beneficial Owner (Individuals or organisations with significant control over the business) Legal Name, Residential Address and Date of Birth, as applicable

  • Legal and Trading Company Address

  • Company Registration Number (CRN), if applicable

  • VAT number, if applicable

  • IE-based current bank account

Even if you plan on using Square as a business or organisation, in order to create a Square account you must provide your individual name, residential address and date of birth.

Square’s card processing system meets Level 1 PCI Data Security Standards, so Square’s got you covered.

Note: If you’ve been added as an employee, you will not need to provide this information.

Link Your Bank Account

Once you’ve verified your identity, you can link your bank account online:

  1. Visit Account & Settings > Business information > Bank Accounts in your online Square Dashboard and click Add external bank account.

  2. Enter the requested bank account information. You can find this information listed at the bottom of your cheques, or you can contact your bank to confirm this information.

  3. Click Verify.

From this page, you can link multiple external bank accounts to easily update where your deposits are transferred across your locations by clicking Add external bank account. From here, enter your bank account details and complete the bank verification process. Keep in mind that you can only link one bank account per location at this time.

After you link your bank account, you can start processing card payments and receive transfers.

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