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Use Clearpay with Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for retail owners interested in using Clearpay with customer checkout. Clearpay is available with Square for Retail Free, Plus, or Premium plans.

About Clearpay and Square

With Square for Retail and Clearpay, customers can pay for transactions in four instalments over six weeks. If you’re eligible, you can accept Clearpay payments between £1 to £1,000 in store via your Square Retail POS app or via your Square Online website.

Before you begin

First check if you are eligible to Accept in-person payments with Clearpay and Square. Clearpay rates are fixed and do not vary by subscription type, hardware, or custom pricing.

Enable or disable Clearpay

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard and click Account & settings > Business information > Payment methods.

  2. Click the three dots (...) next to Clearpay > Edit settings.

  3. Toggle on Online and/or In-Person > Save.

The setting for in-person payments with Clearpay is global and applies across all Square products that can also take Clearpay payments in-person. This includes other online platforms such as Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants, Square Invoices and Virtual Terminal. There isn’t a way to enable/disable Clearpay only for Square for Retail at this time.

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