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Add-on Library FAQs

What is the cost to use add-ons with Square Point of Sale?

Many of the products and features highlighted in the Add-on Library are free – others require a subscription fee. You can try most Square subscription services free for 30 days.

What happens if I am already subscribed to an add-on appearing in my Add-on Library?

If you are already using a product or feature that is available as an add-on, it will appear in your Add-on Library as Added. There is no additional cost to use add-ons that you are already subscribed to.

Where will the add-on appear after I add it?

You can find your add-ons in your Add-on Library or in-app settings.

  • Tap ≡ More in the navigation bar, and select Add-ons or Settings.
  • Select the add-on you want to use then tap Open… to use the product or feature. If you see Open in Checkout, this means the add-on is available to use right from your checkout screen.

Why am I unable to add or remove add-ons?

There are a couple of reasons you may not be able to manage your Add-on Library.

  • Only the account owner and Full Access Team Members can add or remove add-ons. If another team member needs to add or remove add-ons, you can grant them permission to Manage subscriptions to Square services and Add-ons in the Account & Settings section of their permission set.
  • Another reason is that some add-ons may be connected to a paid subscription. You will need to unsubscribe via your online Square Dashboard before removing the add-on. Once the subscription ends, you can remove the add-on from your Square Point of Sale app.

Why is the Cash Management Add-on not supported on my smartphone?

Till drawer management is only available on Android tablets, iPads or your Square Register. You can add the Cash Management Add-on to your Add-on Library using any device, but you will need to use the feature on a compatible device.

Why can’t I create a checkout link using the Online Checkout Add-on?

Online Checkout can only be enabled for one location at a time. To confirm the location where you are currently logged in to the app, select ≡ More > Settings > Account > Location.

  • You can change the location you want to use to track sales and inventory for checkout links in your Square Dashboard by going to Online Checkout > Settings > General then selecting a Primary Location.

Why can’t I see my Add-on Library?

To view your Add-on Library, you will need to update your device software, and download the latest version of the Square Point of Sale app. After updating your device and app, you will find your Add-on Library in-app:

  • Tap ≡ More in the navigation bar, and select Add-ons or Settings.

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