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If you’re a Weebly user being prompted to change your login to Square, use this article and its links to help you understand and complete the process. For additional questions not found in any of these resources, contact Square Support.

About Weebly and Square

What is Square?

Square is a financial services and digital payments company based in San Francisco, California. Square helps people run their businesses in countries across the world to help sellers of all sizes start, run and grow their business – even online. Learn more about getting started with Square.

What is the relationship between Weebly and Square?

Weebly was acquired by Square in 2018 and is now part of the Square suite of business tools.

While the Weebly product has continued to serve millions of customers worldwide, Weebly and Square have been working together to launch Square Online, a platform built with Weebly technology. Square Online makes accepting payments online a more seamless experience and provides a modern eCommerce experience for buyers.

What are the benefits of merging with Square?

In addition to more robust ecommerce features, you’ll also have access to Square’s other products like Square Point of Sale, Gift Cards, Invoices, Online Checkout, Square Pay and much more. These products will connect and speak to one another in ways that aren’t possible with Weebly alone.

Account Setup and Management

What effect will this merger have on my Weebly account?

As part of our merger with Square, we ask that you replace your Weebly account with a Square account. You’ll use the Square account to sign in going forward, and all Weebly logos and branding will be replaced with Square branding.

What are the benefits of setting up a Square account?

Your new Square account includes access to additional tools that help you run your business, allowing you to manage everything from one account rather than multiple. Accepting payments online and in person with Square is fast and secure. Plus, you can get your money in your bank account as soon as the next working day (or instantly for a fee per transfer).

Do I have to create a Square account even if I’m not selling anything?

Yes. As a Weebly user, you’ll need to create a Square account so you can continue getting the product updates and benefits you need for managing a website – online store or otherwise. Additionally, having a Square login will provide you with more account security.

Will this cost me anything? What if I sell online?

Creating a Square account won’t cost you anything. You’ll still continue to enjoy the features you’re currently using (if not more) completely free of charge.

If you’re selling online, Square offers competitive rates comparable to other payment providers. Processing payments with Square is completely optional and not required for creating a Square account. Learn more about Square fees.

I don’t have a Square account. How do I set one up?

Creating your Square account should only take about 5 minutes. As a Weebly customer, you’ll receive an email asking you to update to a Square account. Use the link in the email to get started. You can also start this process from your Weebly dashboard via a button in the announcement banner.

Once your Square account is created, you’ll log in from squareup.com using your Square email address. This means that you’ll have one login to manage everything related to your website and accepting payments online.

Check out our switching to Square Online FAQs for more information on accessing and managing your sites in your Square account.

I have an existing Square account. Can I link it to my Weebly account?

Yes. If you have a Weebly and Square account that use the same email address, when you log in to Weebly, you’ll see a banner to prompt you to link your Weebly account with your existing Square account.

Note: Before you update your login, be sure you have access to the email address on file for your Weebly account. If you don’t, be sure to update it to an address where you can receive emails. To change your account email address, go to Account settings in your site dashboard, then select Manage Account > Change Email Address.

Once your Weebly and Square accounts are linked, you’ll log in to your account from squareup.com using your Square email address. This means that you’ll have one login to manage everything related to your website and accepting payments online.

Check out our switching to Square Online FAQs for more information on accessing and managing your sites in your Square account.

Can I change my account email during setup?

Yes, you can use a different email address. You’ll use this email when you sign in to Square in the future.

Do I need to verify my identity to set up a Square account?

Square requires identity verification before you can start taking payments. To set up a Square account without taking payments or continue processing with a different provider (e.g. PayPal), you can temporarily skip the identity verification process.

Do I need to enter an Employer Identification Number (EIN) when signing up for Square?

No, this option is for tax reporting purposes only. You can edit this information in your Square Dashboard at any time.

How do I manage all of my sites in Square?

First, be sure to try Square Online to have your Square and Weebly data sync. Then, in your dashboard, you’ll see a site switcher drop-down menu that will display all of your Weebly sites not synced with Square, as well as any new ones you create with Square Online that are synced with Square.

How do I manage online orders in Square?

To manage online orders in Square, first be sure to add a new website built with Square Online. The new orders placed on any Square Online site will then be manageable in your Square account’s Order Manager.

Historical orders that were already fulfilled on your Weebly site won’t be manageable in your Square account’s Order Manager. To manage any of your historical Weebly orders, first view the Weebly site in your account and go to Orders.

How do I select and manage my locations in Square?

If you have multiple addresses, you can choose one location from Square to be your primary delivery location. Update your location information at any time from your Square Dashboard.

Learn more about managing multiple locations with Square.

How do I manage my items in Square?

If you have one item catalogue in Weebly and nothing in Square, you can import your Weebly items to Square.

If you have an item catalogue in Square and nothing in Weebly, you’ll be able to import items from your Square catalogue to display on your new Square Online site. Your item information will sync between Weebly and Square as soon as you try the new editor for Square Online.

If you have multiple catalogues, you’ll be able to select one Weebly catalogue to add to Square and your new Square Online site.

About Square Online

What are the benefits of building a site with Square Online?

With Square Online, your inventory, items, sales and customers automatically sync with all Square tools so you don’t have to track anything manually. The Square Online site editor also has more search engine optimisation tools and a modern mobile design. It offers faster editing, integration with several social networks like Facebook and Instagram, an enhanced checkout experience and much more. We launch new features frequently, so you can expect to see regular updates and improvements. You can even join our Square Seller Community to connect with other business owners using the same tools you are.

If I decide to try Square Online, what happens to my existing Weebly website?

Your existing Weebly website won’t change and will remain in your account. A new site will be added to your account to allow you to try the Square Online site editor and features.

How is the site editor for Square Online different from Weebly’s?

The Square Online site editor was built with e-commerce in mind. It’s been optimised to ensure your customers have a fast and easy shopping experience, especially on mobile devices.

There are some notable differences between the Weebly site editor and Square Online’s. While you can create a modern, professional website with both editors, the process and some features are different. Here are some of the key differences:

  • Themes and elements: Instead of using a theme and dragging elements onto a page, you’ll build pages using customisable sections. We’ve simplified the design settings to make it even easier to create a look that matches your branding so you aren’t tied to a pre-made design.
  • Items and inventory: Square Online syncs with your item library in Square, so any changes you make there automatically populate in Square Online and vice versa. You can also set up multiple locations for selling and track inventory separately per location.
  • Blog pages: The Square Online blog feature allows you to create blog posts and display them on a page. Visitors can share these posts on social media, but some blog features such as comments aren’t currently supported. If you already have a blog with Weebly or another provider, you can use the RSS feed section in the editor to display posts on your new site. Learn more about creating Square Online blog posts and the RSS feed section.
  • Site Settings Settings like your site title, favicon and others that used to be in the site editor are now located on the dashboard under the Website tab.
  • Apps The Square Online site editor isn’t compatible with the Weebly App Centre, but you can use the Square App Marketplace to search for compatible apps for Square Online. There are many more apps to choose from, from accounting and staff to compliance tools.

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