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Send Invoices from the Square Invoices App

Create an Invoice

To create an invoice from the Square Invoices app:

  1. Select Invoices from the navigation menu > Create Invoice.

  2. Tap Add Customer > create a new customer or add one from your directory. Include additional recipients and request a delivery address if you need to.

  3. Select any Line items to add into the invoice.

  4. Under Payment schedule, choose a payment schedule, opt to request a deposit or split the invoice payment into multiple milestones. 

  5. Choose to make the invoice Recurring or One-time, and select when the invoice is Due and when to Send the invoice. You can include a Sale or service date to the invoice here, too.  

  6. Indicate which Payment method you will accept for the invoice.

  7. Add in invoice Details, such as invoice title, invoice ID and a custom message > tap Save.

  8. If you want to add an attachment, choose to add in a photo from your mobile device, take a photo or attach a PDF.

  9. If needed, add Square Contracts to your invoice. Note that contracts can be added to invoices from both iOS and Android devices. However, contracts can only be edited from your online Square Dashboard at this time. 

  10. Tap Continue to choose your communication method and add in Payment reminders.

  11. Once all of your invoice details are filled in, tap Send invoice.

Note: You’re currently unable to add a unit and decimal quantities if you are adding a Custom Amount to an invoice.

Your customers can pay Square Invoices online or through their smartphone with a supported payment card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or make a partial payment or full payment in person using any supported payment card. Paid invoices will appear within your in-app Transactions and your online Square Dashboard under Transactions.

If you subscribe to Square Invoices Pluss, access your multiple-package estimates, automatically convert accepted estimates to invoices and create custom fields and content templates – all from the Square Invoices app.

Learn more about Square Invoices Plus and get started with the free 30-day trial.

Add Attachments to Invoices

  1. When creating an invoice, select Add Attachment.

  2. Choose an image from your photo library or take a photo.

  3. Edit image name if needed and tap Upload.

  4. To add additional attachments return to step 1.

  5. Tap Send.

Note: Image files can be uploaded with a combined file size limit of 25MB with a maximum of 10 files. You can upload file types PNG and JPEG.

Do not use this feature to upload any Personal Health Information, illegal content or content in violation of Square’s Terms of Service. Content you upload may be reviewed and used by Square in connection with contesting a chargeback.

Create a Recurring Invoice Series From the Square Invoices App

  1. Select the + sign from the navigation menu > tap Recurring Invoice.

  2. Tap Add Customer > create a new customer or add one from your directory and toggle on the option to request a delivery address if needed

  3. Tap Add an Item to add items from your item library. Once added, tap the item name to adjust quantity or add a note. To add a discount to the entire invoice, tap Discount and select an existing discount from your item library.

  4. Under Payment Details, select Invoice Method to choose if you’d like the invoice emailed to your customer or sent via text message or if you’d like to share the URL with them directly.

  5. Under Frequency, select Recurring and select how often this invoice will be sent out, as well as the end date.

  6. Select the Start date for your invoice, as well as a Due date for each invoice.

  7. If you’d like to let your customer opt in for Automatic Payments using Card on File, toggle Allow Automatic Payments on. This gives your customer the option to securely save their payment card on file and be charged automatically for each invoice within the recurring series. Your customer’s card will be automatically charged according to the series’ schedule.

  8. Toggle on Payment Reminders and enter a custom message for your customer to receive a notification when payment is due. Click Add Reminder.

  9. Add custom invoice details, such as a title, custom invoice ID to match your records and any additional emails or phone numbers to be copied. Select Add Attachments or include a Sale or service date if needed.

  10. Add a custom message for this invoice and click Save.

  11. Under Communication, press Delivery Method to select if you’d like the invoice emailed to your customer or if you’d like to share the URL with them directly.

  12. Toggle on Request Delivery Address to make entering the customer’s delivery address mandatory. You can also toggle on Allow Tips to add the ability to add tips to the invoice, and Allow Customer to Save Card so customers can save their card when paying the invoice, so you can charge it for future invoices.

  13. Once finished, you can Preview what the invoice will look like on your customer’s end, Save as Draft or Send.

Setting Up a Payment Schedule

You are able to set up a payment schedule for an invoice with your customers. With progress invoices, you can allow your customer to make up to 12 milestone payments, not including the initial deposit payment if one was requested.

Learn more about progress invoices in our Support Center.

Learn more about: Invoices

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