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Track your Square Inventory

To create a seamless checkout experience for your customers, you can track inventory via the Square POS app, online Square Dashboard, Square Invoices or your Square Online website. Tracking and managing your inventory helps prevent overselling and will allow customers to only purchase available goods or services.

Track Inventory with Stock Alerts

With Low-Stock Alerts, if an item’s in-stock quantity count falls below the alert threshold, a low-stock alert is generated. Stock alerts can be viewed in two ways:

  • From Items > Item Library in your online Square Dashboard. Items that have low stock and have stock alerts enabled will have a yellow notification in the Stock on Hand column. 

  • Stock alert notification emails are sent to the email address associated with your Square account daily if any item with alerts enabled falls below the alert threshold. The email will list any items that fell below the alert threshold today, as well as any other items that fell below the alert threshold on previous days.

: To set a low stock alert for multiple items with the same location:

  1. click all of the items you want to update, then click Actions > Add low stock alert.
  2. From the Update stock alert screen, choose an Alert amount. If items with different tracking units are selected, each tracking unit will need to be updated separately from the Update stock alert screen.
  3. Click Update to save your changes.

To set a low stock alert for multiple items across different locations:

  1. click the items you want to update, then click Edit items.
  2. From the Bulk edit items screen, choose updates for the Low stock alert and Low stock alert location columns for all items selected. An item/variation must be assigned to a location to set a low stock alert. If you do not see these columns, edit Attributes.
  3. Click Save to complete your changes.

Note: if the Alert amount field shows a range of numbers, different thresholds have been set across locations. If the Alert amount field is left empty when completing your updates, the low stock alert will be disabled.

Disable low stock alert notifications

You can disable low stock alerts for an item by unticking the Alert box for that item.

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, navigate to Items > Item Library, then click the item you want to update.
  2. From the Edit item screen, click Edit Stock Tracking > Alert toggle off.
  3. Tap Done > Save to complete your changes.

Additionally, you can configure your email notifications from the Email Notifications tab of your Square Dashboard.

Note: keep Track enabled to continue tracking stock for the item.

Inventory in the Square App

When you complete a sale with Square, inventory stock automatically decreases to reflect the updated item count.

Sold-out items will not block a sale for purchases accepted with Square. Your inventory will be updated accurately on both your POS and your online Square Dashboard, but you still can complete sales for sold out items.

Reserve Inventory for Unpaid Orders

Track your inventory by:

  • Items available for sale at any given time

  • Items included in open (unpaid) orders

  • Items in your overall inventory

With inventory tracking enabled, you can view the current stock on hand plus the number of items available to sell. When you add item variations to an open ticket and send the ticket to the kitchen, these variations are marked as Committed and the Available to Sell count decreases by the number of units added to the ticket. When item variations are sent to the kitchen, they are no longer available to sell online or in person because those items are claimed in an unpaid ticket.

To turn on inventory tracking for unpaid orders:

  1. Tap Items > and select an item.

  2. Tap Manage Stock for the item variation you want to track as committed inventory.

  3. Select Receive Stock.

  4. Enter the amount of inventory on hand for that item.

  5. Select Save.

To view stock for unpaid orders in-app:

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap ≡ More > Items

  2. In the Stock Details section, scroll down to Committed until the ticket is paid for. The Stock on Hand and Committed counts will decrease in number once the ticket is paid.

Note: The Available to Sell and Committed counts will not extend to third-party integrations at this time. If an item tracking stock becomes unavailable, the available/unavailable state will continue to sync with third-party integrations.

View and Edit Inventory in the Square App

You can view how much stock you have for a particular item and make adjustments directly from the Square app.

  1. From the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, tap ≡ More > Items

  2. Create or select an existing item.

  3. Enter a stock amount under the item details or tap Prices, Sizes or SKUs to add stock to an item with multiple variations.

  4. To adjust stock, tap the stock amount > select a reason > enter the amount to be adjusted.

  5. Tap Save.

You can also go straight to step 3 by pressing and holding an item from your in-app items grid.

Inventory with Square for Retail

With Square for Retail Plus, you can manage your inventory on-the-go from the Square for Retail POS app on iOS devices, Square Terminal and Square Register, as well as your online Square Dashboard.

Learn how to Track your inventory in your Square Dashboard. You can also learn how to Manage Inventory With The Retail POS App.

Inventory for Invoices

Invoices Inventory Management allows variation availability counts – also known as “committed stock” – at selected locations to automatically decrease once an invoice is paid. This feature helps prevent overselling stock prior to the customer paying the invoice.

When creating a new invoice, you will receive a warning if you do not have enough inventory available to sell in the selected location. You can identify which invoices or Square Online orders are attached to the committed stock under “Line Items”.

To enable this feature:

  1. Go to Items & orders > Items from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Settings > Inventory.

  3. Toggle on Enable inventory management for invoices.

  4. Choose applicable locations or select All Locations.

  5. Click Save.

Now you will see an orange banner if items in your invoice don’t have enough stock available or are sold out. If stock levels have changed or if you’ve received new stock, click Manage Stock to update your inventory prior to sending the invoice.

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