Square for Franchises Merchant & Store Level Settings

Merchant Level Settings

The Home page is where Sellers can visualize analytics and view revenue for all of the locations.

The “tabs” located on the left side of the Dashboard is where you can select which setting category you would like to edit.


  • The Merchant tab is where you can edit the “Business Name” and update its description if need be.


  • From the Locations tab you can add, edit, or remove locations. Also, under this tab, you can enable or disable each individual store from the location selector. 

(Note: Disabling a location from the location-selector does not mean that the store is closed. The location can still receive orders.)

  • Location Groups allows you to add relevant information to your store and customize navigation menus, overall design, and integrating them with other systems and applications.

  • Under the Team tab you can invite new members to the dashboard and grant each of them specific permissions.


There are 2 features under the Operations tab one being Menu Management and the other being Orders that enables you to stop new orders for emergency situations.

Menu Management

  • Under Menu Management, you'll be able to determine if a menu will be the same for all locations or if they will be unique per location. You can also control, synchronize, & restructure menus into virtual categories from this tab.


  • Selecting the Orders tab will open the Emergency Stop toggle and once it is clicked it will turn red with the words Order Suspended. This will stop new orders from being made while keeping orders that were made before enabling Emergency Stop unaffected. To disable the Emergency Stop click on the toggle again and it will turn green and the text Accepting Orders will appear. 

  • This action must ONLY be used in case of an emergency. When this action is taken, the store manager will receive an SMS about the emergency stop every 15 minutes.


Online Ordering Reports and Franchise Reports:

Both the Online Ordering Reports (regarding online orders) and Franchise Reports tab (regarding the franchise in its entirety) offers you a sales overview for all of the stores in a single snapshot.

  • See a summary of your sales, including refunds and taxes.

  • Break down sales by franchisee or franchise location.

  • See total sales by item, modifier, and category.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • The Customers tab under CRM allows sellers to locate a customer by last name, email, or phone number to quickly view their details.


On the Merchant Level, Sellers also have the ability to create unique Promotions & Loyalty rewards for their customers. 

Under the Marketing tab, there are additional features that you can use for customer engagement. 


  • Promotions allows you to choose between a dollar amount or percentage based discount on the products you’d like to promote. You can also select the store you would like to apply this to, the availability duration, as well as detailed rules for the promotional discount to avoid misuse. 


  • The Loyalty program is a points system where a customer receives a certain amount of points depending on how much they spend at your business. 

  • Note: In order to use the Loyalty feature you must contact the Implementation Specialist that was assigned to you upon creating your Square for Franchises account. 


  • Audiences helps you narrow down the participants in the promotional program that you have set. You can create multiple conditions that customers must meet in order to be eligible to receive information on the promotion. 

Store Level Settings

The Store Level Home page features location specific data including sales and revenue metrics. Here, you can also disable the specific store that you are viewing if need be. By clicking Disable Store,  new orders will be blocked and all services will shut down. To make your store live again click Enable Store > Confirm.


General Settings houses the Store info, Store Styling possibilities, Store integrations such as Google Tag and Facebook Pixel, and the option to enable the Special Request field which will allow a customer to add notes for each item they order.

In POS Settings, select Square as your provider and customize your account with Common Settings and Additional Settings.

Common Settings

  • Notes Separator - can be added manually to make the order notes more readable on the kitchen slip.

  • Send Preparation Time (enabled by default) - Square for Franchises orders will be printed in accordance with Square for Franchises time for this location.

  • Check Title Template – Choose a custom title that will be printed on the kitchen slip.

  • Show Ready Time (disabled by default) – Send the time the order should be ready by to the kitchen

  • Show Tip (disabled by default) – Include tip on kitchen slip.

  • Is Shipment Enabled (disabled by default) – Orders can be made on the POS with the 1 of the 3 shipment fulfillment types. Pick Up, Delivery, Shipping.

Additional settings

  • Is Live (enabled by default) - click toggle to disable your POS to essentially shut down your store and all the services you offer. Re-click the toggle to go Live again . 

  • Math Strategy (POS provider strategy set by default, cannot be modified).

  • Price Discrepancy Strategy (Abort/ Continue) – Price discrepancy means that there is a difference between order totals on Square for Franchises and the POS provider side. Price Discrepancy (disabled by default).


The store level Team tab is similar to the Merchant level, but with fewer options. Since you can't pick which store you are assigning to from this level and due to fewer roles, team member adjustments are usually done on the Merchant level.

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