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Set Up Loyalty Orchestration with Square for Franchises

With loyalty orchestration, you can manage your loyalty programs and loyalty accounts across your entire franchise organization. This means that if points are accrued points at location A, buyers can redeem/spend points at location B, as long as all locations are enabled for loyalty orchestration.

Note: Loyalty Orchestration can only be enabled by an Implementation Specialist that was assigned to you upon creating an account. Each new location added will be automatically added to a 30 day Loyalty trial subscription. If the added location is deleted from the loyalty program within the 30 day trial period, you will not be billed. Once the 30 trial period ends you will be billed and continue on as a Loyalty program subscriber.

Loyalty orchestration setup requires you to navigate between your Square Dashboard and Square for Franchises dashboard. If you create a loyalty program with item rewards, make sure all franchisees sell those items. The first 3 steps must be completed by the Franchisor and the remaining steps are to be completed by an Implementation Specialist or Square Support.

Steps for the Franchisor:

  1. Loyalty must be enabled for all franchisee accounts on manually Square Dashboard for Orchestration. 

  2. Importing Customer Information

  • If you are a Franchisor or Franchisee transitioning to Square from a different POS provider, Square Support can help you transfer your customer information to your Square Dashboard. 

  • If you are a Square user and already have customers in your Customer Directory, you can import your customer information directly from the Customer Directory to your Square for Franchises account.

  • If you just created a Square account with no prior customers from other POS providers, enter your customer information manually into the Square Customer Directory and import it into Square for Franchises.

3. Enroll all locations to the loyalty program on Square Loyalty, and define the Loyalty program and rewards on Square.

Steps for Square Support:

4. Once the Loyalty program has been created on the Square dashboard, the Loyalty program will need to be replicated in Square for Franchises Loyalty. 

5. Finally, the Loyalty program will become available to all locations automatically once the Loyalty program is applied to the central location. If you want to add a single location to Orchestration, add the Franchisee location directly in the Loyalty setting page.

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