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Updates to Team Management & Square Shifts

Beginning in June 2023, the labor management features of Square team permissions, such as scheduling, time tracking, labour vs sales reports and commission tracking, became available as a new, separate service called Square Shifts. All of the existing labour management functionality of Square Shifts remain the same and you’ll be able to sign up for a Square Shifts plan from the Shifts section of your online Square Dashboard.

Square Shifts is split into two tiers:

  • Shifts Free which includes basic time tracking and scheduling functionality and comes at no cost for teams with up to five employees, including the account owner.

  • Shifts Plus which is available with advanced labour management features for teams of six or more employees starting at a cost of $4.50 per team member.

Team Management and Team Plus will no longer include Shifts features like scheduling and time tracking. Team Management will have a single level of access and personal passcodes and Team Plus will continue to include features such as unlimited custom permissions and a team activity log. Subscription plans vary depending on when a subscription to Team Plus or Shifts Plus commenced, and you can see additional information on each scenario below. 

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Team Plus legacy subscribers prior to 27 June 2023

Starting June 27, 2023, any active Team Plus subscriber will now be on a legacy subscription plan that includes Team Plus and Square Shifts Plus features. No action is required to continue to use either service, and there will be no change to your subscription billing until further notice. You’ll see the change reflected in your Square Dashboard as Team Plus (legacy). If you choose to unsubscribe from this legacy Team Plus subscription, starting June 28, 2023 you will not be able to return to this old plan and will need to subscribe to Team Plus and Square Shifts Plus separately to regain usage to those features.

Sellers using free labour features after June 27, 2023

Any seller actively using labour features within Team Management will be notified on June 27, 2023 that they will no longer have access to Square Shifts features as part of the Team Management free tier starting August 1, 2023. Team Management free tier sellers who lose access to Square Shifts features will have to select a Square Shifts plan if they want to continue to use those features.

New Team Plus or Shifts Plus subscribers on or after June 27, 2023

Starting June 27, 2023, the labour management features of Shifts Plus are no longer included with a Team Plus subscription for new subscribers. New subscribers to Team Plus or Shifts Plus from June 27, 2023 onward will be offered a 30-day free trial of the respective service to which they subscribe. After the free trial is over, subscription billing for either service will begin. Sellers that only need one of the subscriptions can end a subscription from the Pricing & subscriptions section of their online Square Dashboard.

You can review the included features and subscription pricing for both Team Management and Square Shifts Plus in our Support Centre.

Update your Subscription 

To subscribe to Shifts Free or Shifts Plus:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and select Shifts.

  2. Choose a Square Shifts plan: Shifts Free or Shifts Plus.

  3. Proceed through the enrolment process. If subscribing to Shifts Plus, you’ll be asked to provide payment information for your subscription.

Note: Shifts Free allows a maximum of five team members, including the account owner. If you wish to have six or more team members use scheduling, time tracking or any other labour management features, you will be required to subscribe to Shifts Plus. The employee cap does not apply to subscribers of Square for Retail Plus or Premium, Square for Restaurants Plus or Premium or Square Appointments Plus or Premium.

You can also subscribe to Shifts Plus for a 30-day free trial. Payment information will be required to sign up, but your account will not be charged until the following month. If you opt in to Shifts Plus and wish to use Shifts Free, you can always update your subscription from the Pricing & subscriptions section of your online Square Dashboard.

Pricing and Features

In order to access the labour management features of Square Shifts, you’ll need to subscribe to the service. The free version of Square Shifts includes basic functionality such as giving your team the ability to clock in and out at your point of sale or on the Square Team App while you’re able to schedule and track their time, tips and multiple wages. 

Shifts Plus includes additional advanced features such as labour vs sales reporting, tip pooling, commissions tracking, shift reminders for your team and more. Shifts Plus starts at $4.50 per active team member on your Square account, and you’re billed in advance at the beginning of the month. 

Team Management pricing will not change with this update, and it will still be available in both a free and paid version that starts at $45 per month per location. 

Note: Shifts Plus has a minimum subscription requirement of two team members per month. Subscribers to Square Appointments Premium, Retail Premium and Square for Restaurants Premium will have access to all Shifts Plus features as a part of your subscription. No action is required on your Square account to access these features if you are subscribed to at least one of these services.

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