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Import Third Party Card Data to Square

If you already have customers and their cards saved on file with a current processor, Square can do one-time migrations to move your data from your current processor over to your Square account. We will work directly with your current payment provider to migrate the data over. This process is only for moving sensitive card data from your current processor to Square.

Get Started

  • Email our team at via the account holder's email address to confirm import eligibility.

  • After Square has confirmed import eligibility, request an export of your customer and card data from your current processor to Square.

  • When your current processor is ready to export data and needs contact from Square, loop in directly into the email thread.

  • Square will work directly with your current processor to have data securely transferred to Square.

  • Square imports customer/card data into your Square account.

  • Square provides you with a mapping of your old processor’s customer/card IDs to Square’s customer/card IDs.

Import Timeframe

The entire process can take a few days to several weeks, so ensure you take this into account. If there are any issues with the data provided to Square, we will work directly with your existing processor to resolve those issues. 

Mapping File

The migration from your current processor to Square will generate a mapping sheet. The headers of the mapping sheet are as follows: 

external_card_id, square_card_id, card_brand, card_last_4, card_exp_month, card_exp_year, square_card_fingerprint, external_customer_id, square_customer_id

If you have an existing integration, you can use this mapping file to update your existing integration to the new Square customer/card IDs.

Requirements & Limitations

  • Square will only migrate data from another PCI DSS Level 1-compliant payment processor.

  • Square cannot accept raw payment card data. Please do not email Square (or anyone) with payment card details or sensitive customer information. We will work directly with your current processor to securely transfer the data.

  • The migration only moves customer and card data provided by your existing provider to Square. 

  • New customer records are created for each customer provided by your current processor. The migration does not map cards to any existing customers in your Square account.

  • Square only maps the information given by the external provider—if they do not provide certain customer information, you should reach out to your provider.

  • This import migration is a one-time onboarding process. Square cannot process card imports on an ongoing basis.

  • Support from our Engineering team is available in English.

Learn more about Square’s security practices.

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