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Square Online Settings Overview

Find more information about Settings in your Square Online Overview page :


The information here is pulled from your Square account. You can edit this, but any changes you make will not sync back to Square. In this section you can also add eCommerce tracking codes and choose a default product image ratio and unit of measure.

Square Sync

View a log of previous syncs in the Activity section, along with any error messages for items that could not be imported. In Settings, view and change the connected location that items are syncing from. Disable syncing for item descriptions and enable/disable image sync. There is also an option to mark newly imported items as “unavailable.” This gives you the chance to make changes to new items before they’re available to customers.


Go here to set up automatic tax calculations, manage your store addresses for tax purposes and toggle sales tax for shipping rates on or off (if you’re using the tax calculator, this is done automatically based on your location).


Edit your In-Store Pickup settings here. Learn more about In-Store Pickup.


Set up shipping rates and regions and edit Real Time Shipping options. Learn more about shipping options.


View details on payment processing, add shipping and return policies for your store and set up additional checkout options.

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