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Android App Account Settings

You can view and manage a variety of account settings from within the Android app. Tap the Account icon on the bottom of the screen to get started.


You can access the following options from the Account page:

  • Support: Tap here to open the Weebly support site without leaving the app.

  • Display Mode: Change the theme for the app from light to dark, or use the system setting.

  • Tracking Opt Out: Allow or disallow Weebly and third-party tracking.

  • Beta Program: Sign up to try out beta versions of the Weebly app.

  • About Weebly: View information about the Weebly app.

  • Log out: Tap here to log out of your account and return to the sign in screen.

Tip: Need to reset your password? Use the link located on the app sign in screen, or head to weebly.com in a browser to use the forgotten password link there.

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