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Customize Item Pages in Square Online

Every item and category you add to your store has its own page that’s automatically generated. You can customize the appearance of these pages within the website editor.


Open the Page list and click on an item to edit the page. If you haven’t created any items yet, you can use the Add item link to do that first.


Note: Item pages use the same header and footer sections as the other pages on your site, so any changes you make here will apply to your entire website.

The Item Details section is where item images and information are displayed.


As you move your mouse over the items in the list, you’ll see the corresponding part of the page highlighted on the right. Click on any item to open the editing options.

Changes are applied to all item pages, so there’s no need to edit each one individually. You can make the following adjustments:

Image gallery – Set the image aspect ratio, change the location of the thumbnail image (left, right or bottom), add or remove a border around each image and turn image zoom on or off.

Item title - Change the font preset, colour and formatting of the main title. If you want to change the text itself, use the Edit item details button at the top of the options list.

Price - Change the font preset, colour and formatting of the item price.

Buy button – Change the size, style and colour of the add to cart button.

Item prices - Change the font preset, colour and formatting of the item prices, or use the toggle switch to hide them.

Description - Change the font preset, colour, size and location of the item description text. You can also turn the “Description” subtitle on or off, or use the toggle to completely hide the entire description so that only the image, title, price and add to cart button are shown.

Section style – Use the settings here to change the background colour or image for the item details section.

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