How to Hire Great Employees

If you want to build a successful business, you’ll need to hire great employees. Having dependable, enthusiastic workers can mean the difference between increased sales and increased stress. But how do you make sure you find the right people? Here are our top tips for building your dream team.

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Create a clear job description.

Be clear about the exact skills you’d like your new employees to bring to the business. Do you need a sociable, outgoing person who can work the register at your coffee shop and make a perfect latte? Or are you looking for a specialist who works well independently? Try to differentiate between skills that can be taught and the basic qualities you’d like your new employee to have already, so you can weed out unsuitable applicants from the start.

Look in the right places.

Like attracts like. If you already have awesome employees, chances are good they know other similar people looking for work. First-hand referrals are a relatively low-risk way of screening potential employees. Otherwise, consider using a resource like LinkedIn to connect with suitable applicants, and be aware that posting a job on sites like Craigslist will bring a deluge of resumes to your inbox.

Ask the right questions.

You have a pile of promising resumes on your desk. How do you choose the right people? The interview stage is crucial — here is a list of important questions to pose. In addition to asking about your prospective employees’ skills and work experience, focus on how they might fill the precise role you outlined earlier. You’ll also want to get an idea of their personality and how they might add to your team.

Remember: Some people make great employees but don’t excel at interviews. If you’re on the fence about hiring someone, it’s worth doing another interview—and bringing in a colleague who can give you a second opinion.

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