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Lisa Giles knows hair. She’s been in the industry for 12 years, launching her own studio designed to build deeper connections with clients and provide a welcoming space for education and craft. Not only is she a self-made entrepreneur, she’s also a Square super user. With Square, Lisa maximizes her time, secures revenue, and expands her businesses.

Watch our previously recorded event, In the Chair with Lisa G., as Lisa walks she walks through how she helped her shadower Chloe double her monthly revenue, triple her staff, and get two days’ time back each week with Square.

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Creating her own blueprint for success

Going the traditional route was never an option for Lisa. She wanted to build something unapologetically authentic to who she is so that she could help others become their most authentic selves.

Follow Lisa's adventure.

“Square has infinitely changed the way I’m able to do business as a self-made entrepreneur. Square has provided all the tools I needed and then some to propel my business into a direction I never knew existed.”

— Lisa Giles

Lisa G.’s go-to tools

Having the right tools goes well beyond the hair products you use. That’s why Lisa G. leans on these Square tools (and about a half dozen others) to make the most of her time and deliver consistently great client experiences. Watch the on-demand event, In the Chair with Lisa G., for a conversation with her real-life shadower, Chloe Hayes, as Lisa walks us through how she uses Square.

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Watch now: In the Chair with Lisa G.

Lisa’s shadowing program is in high demand for aspiring and established stylists alike. Follow along with Lisa and one of her shadowers, Blooming Fire Salon & Spa owner Chloe Hayes, as they recap how she helped Chloe double her monthly revenue, triple her staff in six months, and get two days’ worth of time back each week with Square.