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Square for Franchises Subscriptions

Subscription Plans for Square for Franchises are provided to participating Franchisors based on their business type and needs. This can include individual services, such as Loyalty programs, as well as all in one Premium or Point of Sale Plans. Franchisors can invite Franchisees to participate for seamless operation. 

Steps for a Franchisor to invite a Franchisee

  1. Access your Square for Franchises dashboard > Locations Tab.

  2. Click Add organization > Invite Franchisee .

  3. Add the email addresses of the franchisees you would like to invite.

  4. Click Save & send invitation on the top right of the page to complete the process 

Accepting an Invitation as a Franchisee

  1. Check the email address associated with your Square for Franchises account. 

  2. Open the email from Franchises Admin under “Join the ‘NAME OF THE BUSINESS’  Franchise on Square”. Note: the email will from from franchise-admin@squareup.com

  3. Click Join Now in the email and proceed to login to the Square for Franchises page in the new tab that will appear.

  4. Click Accept Invite > Go to Square Dashboard > Activate subscriptions.

  5. Input your payment method and click Start subscription to complete.