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Your Guide to Making Square Referrals [Beta]

How to Get Started

Any individual can earn a commission for referring eligible businesses who choose to adopt Square products! Join our program in just a few easy steps:

  1. Set up your Impact Radius profile. We use a platform called Impact Radius to manage Square’s Referral Program and issue commissions. Join Square’s referral program within the Impact Radius network by clicking here.

  2. Get your custom Referral link and send it to businesses you know who may be interested in Square. (See below for eligibility guidance and some ideal business types.)

  3. Your contacts will need to complete the Referral form via your link. From there, Square will reach out to see if our products are a fit. 

  4. If their business meets Square’s lead eligibility requirements, you will receive a commission for referring a qualified referral. (If not, you will still be eligible to receive smaller commissions when they start using Square products.)

  5. When your qualified referral begins generating revenue via Square products, you will receive a larger commission. 

To earn commissions,  you share or post your affiliate link to Square with clients, friends, or on your socials/website – and then when they take an action (such as sign up, talk to sales, or become a Square customer) using your link, you may be eligible for a commission. 

Who should you refer to be eligible for commissions? 

You can refer businesses who operate in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, France or Spain. 

To be eligible for Square’s Referral Program, your referral must have annual revenues of at least $250,000 USD (or local equivalent). Businesses who are likely to meet this threshold include:

  • Food & Drink Businesses with 1+ physical location and 2+ employees/servers that are independently owned and operated. The food and beverage industry is Square’s most popular with a great product fit across multiple use cases such as quick service and full service dining, bars and breweries, food trucks, cafes, and bakeries.

  • Retail Businesses with 2+ physical locations and 6+ employees who sell finished goods both in-person and online. They might specialise in: clothing & accessories; furniture & home decor; beer, wine & liquor; or grocery.

  • Beauty, Personal Care, and Health Businesses with 5+ employees and 1+ physical locations. These might include full service salons, medical spas, day spas, barbershops, nail salons, tattoo and piercing parlors, massage therapists, chiropractors, small gyms, group training, martial arts centers, or swim schools.

The Value of Square 

Square Brand - “Easy, simple, reliable” 
  • Founded in 2009, Square revolutionised commerce for small business owners

  • Over 4M sellers 

  • Intuitive to learn for employees/ new hires (most Square users self onboard)

  • Quick and easy implementation 

Managed Payments 
  • Secure & reliable payment processing 

  • PCI compliance 

  • Fastest chip card reader in the market (~2.5 seconds!) 

  • Flexible payments 

  • Transparent and predictable pricing 

  • Chargebacks and disputes resolution services 

Customer Centric - “Customers can pay how they’d like” 
  • In-store, online, mobile, order ahead, app, QR code, kiosk etc. Square is a the forefront of payments and payment trends to offer customers the best experience 

  • Developed an ecosystem of products including POS, Marketing, Customer Directory,  Loyalty, Payroll, SOS, and other 3rd party online ordering platforms. 


  • Accepted Lead: When a business you refer has completed the interest form using your custom link, you will receive a $100 commission when our sales team confirms that the referred business is projected to have annual revenues of $250k+.

  • New Customer: When your Sales Accepted Leads begin using one or more Square products to process payments or otherwise transact using Square, you will receive a $250-$1,500 commission, based on the size of that business. 

  • Public Terms: When you refer a business with annual revenues less than $250k, you may still be eligible to receive commissions via our Affiliate Program. This includes $5 per sign up and $5-$200 (depending on which products they select) when that business begins processing payments/transacting with Square. 

*Commission amounts will be agreed upon between Block, Inc. and referrers via contracts issued within the Impact Radius platform. 

Terms & Conditions

Referrers must agree to Block, Inc.’s terms and conditions in order to join the program via Impact Radius. 

In addition:

  • Users may refer a maximum of 25 business owners during the beta period.

  • If a business you refer is already a Square customer or is in our sales pipeline, their actions will not be considered eligible for this program.

Tracking Links & Questions

Using your custom tracking link is crucial to ensure you receive proper credit & payment for the referrals you make.

You will receive your custom tracking link from the Beta Team. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or difficulties throughout the process. We appreciate your participation in this program beta!

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