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Purchase Discounted Product Bundles with Square

If considering signing up for a Square account, you may avail of Square's bundle option. This includes Square Point of Sale, a hardware device and a software solution for a discounted price.

Bundle Options Available

To avail of this offer, you will need to activate all 3 products in the Starter Kit. Square Point of Sale (SPOS), 1 hardware device and 1 software subscription.

The options include:

Regular Pricing Pricing with Bundle
SPOS (automatically included)
Square Point of Sale Free Free
Hardware (choose 1)
Square Register €599 €479.20
Square Terminal €169 €135.20
Software (choose 1)
Square Loyalty Tier 1 €39/mo
Tier 2 €65/mo
Tier 3 €90/mo
Tier 1 €31.20/mo
Tier 2 €52/mo
Tier 3 €72/mo
Square Marketing €15 + VAT for 0-500 contacts
€20 + VAT for 501-1,000 contacts
€12 + VAT for 0-500 contacts
€16 + VAT for 501-1,000 contacts
Square Online Plus €25/mo
Premium €69/mo
Plus €20/mo
Premium €55.20/mo

Activate Your Offer

Stage 1: Select products in Square Shop
  • Proceed to Square Shop and start building your cart with 1 hardware device and 1 software product. SPOS is automatically included. Note: Hardware will be delivered in 3-5 business days.

  • If you are new to Square, complete the following onboarding steps:

    • Enter your business and personal information.

    • Complete the Identity Verification process.

    • Answer questions about your business operations.

Stage 2: Set up software
  • While you are waiting for your hardware to arrive, download the Point of Sale app or log into your online Square Dashboard on your computer.

  • Open your dashboard or app and navigate to the relevant section depending on your subscription: Loyalty, Marketing or Square Online.

  • Confirm your subscription.


Can I make use of this offer if already subscribed to a software product?

No. To be eligible, you cannot be currently subscribed to the software product chosen.

Can I cancel my software subscription and resubscribe to avail of the discount?

No, you cannot be a prior subscriber. For example, if you have previously onboarded to Square Online and since cancelled, you will be unable to select Square Online again.

Can I purchase multiple bundles containing the same software?

No, you can only purchase additional bundles with another software product. For example, if you purchased a bundle of Square Online and Square Terminal, then you can buy another bundle with Square Loyalty and Square Terminal.