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Create an informational website with Square Online

Note: Some additional features can be enabled by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

Square Online is a robust tool that helps you build an informational website without eCommerce features. Add text and images to get started for free. To enhance your website, check out all available features in the site editor.

Before you begin

Make sure you’ve signed up for a Square account. The identity-verification process is required for your security, even if you won’t be selling anything.

Navigate to Square Online

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Online > Online to go to the Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select Edit site to open the Square Online site editor.

Choose your features

Start your blog

You can create and publish blog posts that readers can share on social platforms. Learn how to Create a blog with Square Online.

Create your photography portfolio

You can create an image gallery that shows off your entire photography portfolio. Learn how to Add image galleries and slideshows to your Square Online site for details.

Host your videos

You can host videos on your website by uploading your own files or embedding ones from YouTube. Learn how to Add YouTube and other videos to Square Online for details.

Display your documents

You can upload PDF documents to your website for any purpose. Learn how to Display PDF files on your Square Online site for details.

Add widgets to your site

For further customisation, you can Add external content and widgets to your Square Online site with embedded code to set up the kind of website you need.

Choose your design

Designing an informational website can take a lot of time, but Square Online makes it easy to get started with themes. Once you’re in the site editor and ready to explore all of your design options, check out how to Design and customise your Square Online site.

Choose your domain

To get your website online, make sure you publish it to a domain. You can use a free Square subdomain that never expires to help you get started quickly (like ‘myportfolio.square.site’), or you can use a custom domain (like ‘myportfolio.com’) to make your brand stand out. To learn more, check out how to Get started with domains for Square Online.

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